I Copy Talents | Chapter 402 | Moon River Base City A High Level Beast

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Chapter 402 Moon River Base City A High Level Beast

 After eight young girls left, ye Chen also returned to the city of Wu base.

His mood was naturally extremely happy, because his real dragon body was appalled by the purple gold badge on Ye Chen's chest.

They are all from wujidi city. Naturally, they know what the purple gold badge stands for.

"My Lord, there is a senior beast king level fierce beast in yueba city. A friend of mine is from Yuehe base city guard team, so I know."

A warrior did not dare to hide anything from ye Chen, so he told ye Chen everything he knew.

From this warrior's words, ye Chen knows that the senior beast king level fierce beast in Yuehe base city is equivalent to the existence of Ten Star Wars king.

You know, the king of war level of the strong, the whole land of angry sea also does not have ten star war king.

The highest is the king of nine stars.

Ye Chen thinks that there is such a terrible beast in Yuehe base city. Wu Lei, head of Star River mercenary regiment, has already known it.

Without much thought, he walked towards the Star River mercenary corps headquarters.

"Wait, my Lord."

When ye Chen's feet just opened, a warrior stopped him.

Leaf dust turns round, the face showed a touch of doubt color.


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