I Copy Talents | Chapter 412 | Explosive Pill

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Chapter 412 Explosive Pill

 Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, was extremely shocked. Ye Chen defeated him with one finger. Even if he was stupid, he knew that he would never be ye Chen's opponent.

"Ye Chen, I, I, I I can not pursue you to destroy my son's Yuanlun. Let's just let it go? "

Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, looks at Ye Chen in horror.

Leaf dust a smile, light said: "you don't think your words are ridiculous."

When Lin Kun hears the speech, he knows that ye Chen can't let him go. He looks cold and stares at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, don't go too far. It's a big deal that you can't get rid of."

"The fish is dead and the net is broken?"

Ye Chen is a smile again, "you also deserve!"

Domineering, absolutely domineering!

At this time, all the people at the scene found that ye Chen was so domineering, which was unprecedented in their history.

It seems that as long as you look at it, you will never forget it.

Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, gritted his teeth, "Ye Chen, I didn't want to. You must force me, and I will pull you to be the back cushion even if I die!"

Yinluo, Lin Kun took out a red pill from his pocket!

"My God! Blood bursting pill

Everyone was shocked.

"Blood bursting pill can instantly increase its combat power by 50 times."

"Yes, I've heard about it, but even after using it, the user will die."

"Sure enough, it's a dead end."

Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, swallowed the explosive blood pill.

Suddenly, Lin Kun's face became extremely ferocious.

His whole body up and down Yuan Li has become red, looking at is really terrible like this!

"Ye Chen, you forced me, you forced me!"

Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, looks at Ye Chen.

Lin Kun has blood bursting pill, which ye Chen didn't expect, but what about that?

Even if Lin Kun used the blood burst pill, he was still weak in front of him.


Suddenly, Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, hit ye chenmeng with a fist.

This is a powerful blow.

All the people at the scene swallowed and spit. They knew that ye Chen could never catch such a blow this time.

After all, exploding blood pill can increase combat power by 50 times.

Lin Kun, the original king of the five-star war, after swallowing the blood explosion pill, can ye Chen still be his opponent? The answer is No.

Everyone felt sorry for ye Chen.

They know that ye Chen will soon become a corpse!

However, the next scene of the house, so that all people are paralyzed on the ground, only because they saw the scene that they can not dream to see.

But I saw: ye Chen also hit Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family.


Giant force talent to urge the force of fierce fight out.

It was a terrible blow.

Lin Kun's fist and ye Chen's fist suddenly collide.

Ah, ah, ah!

Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, screamed.

It's just because his head has been smashed and broken.

All the people at the scene watched such a scene, they were shocked, and their whole body strength seemed to be drained by something, and they fell back powerlessly.

"Blood bursting pill?"

Ye Chen sneers coldly and punches out again.

This time, Lin Kun, the leader of the Lin family, did not block Ye Chen's fist.

With Ye Chen's fist, Lin Kun's life disappeared from the world forever.

Quiet, dead silence!

All the people on the scene were shocked and looked at the teenagers in front of them.


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