I Copy Talents | Chapter 415 | Rich People

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Chapter 415 Rich People

 "Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent information of all mercenaries in the branch Hall of Xinghe mercenary regiment appears on Ye Chen's retina.

"Lord Yuanhai, what's the matter?"

All the mercenaries looked at Yuan Hai curiously.

"Wanxing magic wolf, a fierce beast of the king of beasts, was killed by the emperor of war."


When this was said, all the mercenaries in the hall were shocked.

Although they know that the supreme existence of the emperor of war is sure to kill the wolf, can you kill it in seconds?

The mercenaries look at Ye Chen in horror, thinking that ye Chen is only eighteen or nine years old. How could he be so strong.

"By the way, I have to tell the commander."

Yuan Hai, head of Xinghe mercenary regiment, thought of it.

With that, he quickly walked to a room and dialed out a number with Yuanli telephone.


"What happened to the wolf?"

"Killed by the emperor of war."

"What? Emperor Zhan

Immediately, Yuan Hai told Wu Lei, head of the Star River mercenary regiment, what happened.


Wu Lei, head of the Star River mercenary regiment, opened his eyes for the biggest time in history.

"Ye Chen, is he the emperor of war?"

Now, he finally understood why Xia Jitian came to the Star River mercenary corps with Ye dust.

Suddenly, the corner of Wu Lei's fingers and mouth can't help but brush a bit of bitterness.

Think of Ye Chen's age

I'm afraid it won't take long for such a person to become the protagonist of heaven and earth.

The picture turns.

"Emperor Zhan, are you going to go back next?"

Yuan Hai looks at Ye Chen tentatively and asks.

"Let's go."

Ye Chen said lightly.

He did not stay long in the Star River mercenary regiment branch, but came to the street.

The talent information of people on the street appeared in his retina, but they were not very high talents.

Later, ye Chen went to the rich gathering area of Yuehe base city.

There are ten families in Yuehe base city. The Lin family is also located in the rich people's gathering area, but the Lin family's people have fled now.

Ye Chen just wanted to walk in the base city of Yuehe and walked into the rich people's gathering area.

In the rich people's area, everyone is dressed in gorgeous clothes.

Although Ye Chen's appearance is extraordinary, people rely on clothes, and Buddha depends on gold clothes.

Not to mention, the clothes on Ye Chen's body are really out of place.

People in the rich people's gathering area have begun to look at him with colored glasses.

But he doesn't care, some rich people.

Suddenly, a Lamborghini is coming!

Good guy!

This is the first time ye Chen has seen a sports car in the world.

It's so rich.

"Get out of the way!"

Lamborghini's speed is very fast, only in an instant to leaf dust's body.

Ye Chen is stupefied, he hears speech to return to God.

But he found that Lamborghini didn't mean to stop. He was still rushing towards him.

"Get out of my way, my brake is broken!"

The young man in the driver's seat yelled.


The crowd around had already screamed.

Ye dust could have made way, but he thought that if he got out of the way, the people behind him would have suffered.

Just as the Lamborghini was just a little bit away from the dust, the dust made a decision.

That is, use the flesh to stop Lamborghini.

Some people from afar saw that ye Chen didn't move away. They all closed their eyes because they had already thought of the next tragedy.


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