I Copy Talents | Chapter 428 | Thousands Of Armored Mad Cows

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Chapter 428 Thousands Of Armored Mad Cows

 Leaf dust secretly smile, the flowers in the greenhouse are the flowers in the greenhouse.

"Master, I believe now, you are the legendary Ye Chen."

Western College Tutor Qian such as snow firmly looking at Ye Chen said.

Leaf dust's face is still calm like water, "Oh."

He answered only one word.

Qian such as snow smell speech white face some desolate, her silver teeth clench.

She knew, like leaf dust such existence, will not take her in the eye.

Immediately, they continued to move forward.

Before long, they saw thousands of armored cattle.

"My God, there are so many armored cattle!"

"Yes, I have seen so many fierce beasts for the first time."

"What? What should we do? "

More than 20 students looked at so many armored cattle, all of them were shocked.

Qian such as snow is secretly looked at leaf dust one eye, she found, leaf dust's face or calm like water.

You know, this is thousands of armored cattle.

Thousands of armored cattle gathered together, enough to kill a king of war.


Qian Ruxue thought of a surprising possibility.

That is, ye Chen is a strong fighter at the warking level, and also a strong one at the senior warlord level!

Otherwise, ye Chen's face is absolutely dare not so calm.

More than 20 students all swallow saliva, thousands of armored cattle gathered together to spread the spirit, so that they even dare not breathe.

It's terrible. It's terrible!

"You step back."

Ye Chen turned back and said to Qian Ruxue and more than 20 students.

Qian Ru Xue hears the speech and makes more than 20 students retreat.

They all went to a safe place.

All of them turned their eyes to the slightly emaciated figure not far away. Although the figure was thin, in their eyes, it was a big mountain, an insurmountable mountain.

"You say, master Ye Chen can beat so many armored cattle."

"I don't think so. Although Ye Chen is very strong, this is after all thousands of armored cattle."

"I also think so. I hope Ye Chen can defeat them."

All the students were talking.

For some reason, Qian Ruxue is convinced that ye Chen will be able to defeat thousands of armored cattle.

Because of the self-confidence on Ye Chen's face.

She had never seen such a confident cheek, especially one from the face of an 18-9-year-old.


Suddenly, thousands of armored cattle roared wildly.

And then they all rushed.

Qian Ruxue and the students all opened their eyes, and they all wanted to know what ye Chen would do when facing so many armored mad cattle.

I saw Ye Chen erect the Juxing Epee in his hand.

Suddenly, his hand shook.

The power of the five natures and the four natures are the power of the gifts!

All of the nine talents appear on the Juxing Epee, which makes the originally ordinary appearance of the Juxing Epee more dazzling and makes people dare not look directly at it.

"God, talent..."

Qian Ruxue and the students looked at the numerous talents on the Juxing Epee, and they all gasped and gaped.

You know, this is the five phase nature talent, the wind and rain thunder and lightning four nature Department talent.

In Qian such as snow and the students shocked, thousands of iron clad mad cattle have rushed to Ye dust's body.


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