I Copy Talents | Chapter 438 | Let Ruxue Go To The Warrior League To Practice

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 438 Let Ruxue Go To The Warrior League To Practice

 "Since you believe that I am Ye Chen..."

"You should know what to do?"

Ye Chen looks at the elder of Zhang Jia and two elders and says.

"I know, I know!"

Zhang's elder and two elders nodded in a hurry.


Two people smell speech if get amnesty, hurriedly run out of Qian family hall.

Qian such as snow has been frozen in place, she stares at Ye Chen, she feels Ye Chen is too domineering.

Why are there such despotic people in this world.

Qian family leader Qian Qiang and the elders all swallow their mouths and spit, and look at Ye Chen in horror.

"Lord Ye Chen, you, you..."

Qian family leader Qian Qiang does not know how to speak to Ye Chen.

"I have just said what I came for." Ye Chen looked at Qian Qiang, the leader of Qian family, "Ruxue doesn't like Zhang Tian, so you

Ye Chen did not finish, the next words have been self-evident.

"Yes, I know."

Qian's head nodded quickly. Even the elder and the second elder of Zhang's family were knocked down in an instant. He was a fart.

"By the way, let Ruxue go to the Martial Arts Alliance to practice. I said it."

After ye Chen lost this sentence, he turned his head and left the Qian family hall.

When ye Chen walked out of the hall of Qian's house, all the people came back to God.

"Just now, did you hear what Lord Ye Chen said just now?"

Qian Qiang, the leader of Qian family, said in horror.

"As if, as if let snow, go, go to the Martial Arts Alliance training."

Ha ha ha ha!

Suddenly, Qian family leader Qian Qiang was overjoyed.

"Ruxue, you are really my good daughter. You know the Lord Ye Chen unexpectedly. As long as you enter the Martial Arts Alliance, my Qian family will be able to have a position with Zhangjia!"

You know, those who can enter the alliance are the strongest fighters in all parts of Nu Hai.

The lowest is the eight Star Wars king.

The Zhang family advocated Baitao, who was only a seven star war king, and had no qualification of Martial Arts Alliance.

Qian Ruxue looks at the smile on the faces of her father and elders, but she knows that only strength can change everything in this world.


Ye Chen left Qian's house, and he went to Zhangjia.

He forgot something.

Although his reputation in the city of military base has reached the point that no one knows or knows.

But in most people's eyes, he is just a mountain that the younger generation can't cross.

Zhang Jia's master did not know his identity in the wuzhe alliance and the Star River mercenary corps, nor did he know that he was invincible in the angry sea.

In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, he felt that he had to go to Zhangjia in person.

Before long, he went to the outside of Zhangjiakou.

Zhangjia, the big family of wubase City, is much weaker than the top families in Wuji base city.

After all, the owners of the top families are all members of the warrior alliance, and they all know ye Chen.

"Who are you?"

Some of their younger brothers stopped at the door of Zhangjia.

"Go and tell your master that ye dust is coming." Ye Chen said slowly.

What what?

Several children of Zhangjia were surprised.

They looked in horror at the young man of their age.

"You, are you ye Chen?"

Ye Chen doesn't understand why some people don't believe that he is Ye Chen.

"Don't you..."

Leaf dust spread out his palm, a black flame appeared in his palm.

"Do I have to do it?"


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