I Copy Talents | Chapter 440 | Hurry Up And Ask Lin Chief Lin

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 440 Hurry Up And Ask Lin Chief Lin

 Zhang Jia advocated that Baitao was a seven star war king.

In the eyes of ordinary people or ordinary warriors, the seven star war king is absolutely invincible.

But in the eyes of Ye Chen, it's just like this.

Ye Chen looks at Zhang Baitao, who pours at him, and can't help laughing coldly.

"Ants don't know it yet?"

Suddenly, ye Chen blows out to Zhang Baitao with a fist.

All of a sudden, an invisible force of terror toward the Zhangjia family advocated Baitao to fly away.

Zhang Baitao is still a few steps away from ye Chen, but he feels the fatal threat.

Zhang Jia advocates a sharp contraction of Bai Tao's pupils. He wants to dodge the power of invisible terror.

But already, it's too late!


Zhang Jia advocated that Bai Tao, if hit hard, immediately flew out.

How can it be!!!

All the people in Zhangjia were astonished.

The master was hit Defeated?

They can't believe it's true, they can't!

Zhang Jia advocated that Bai Tao fell heavily on the ground and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Shock, absolute shock!

All the people in Zhangjia dare not speak. They look at Ye Chen with wide eyes. They are shocked as much as they want.

"Now," Ye Chen looked at the fallen Zhangjia family and advocated Baitao, "I think you should agree?"

Zhang Jia's master gave a cold smile and wiped the blood on his mouth!

"Ye Chen, I didn't expect you to be so terrible!"

It's not just him. How can the people in Zhangjia think that ye Chen is so scared.

"But don't forget, I have a good relationship with the Lin family."

Zhang Jia advocates Bai Tao's death looking at Ye Chen.

Lin family?

Ye Chen smiles to himself.

The Lin family is the top family in wujidi city. Its owner is Lin Chang. He is a famous nine star war king.


Ye Chen thinks about this piece of Baitao, and how does he know that Lin family leader Lin Chang has been defeated by him in the Martial Arts Alliance?

"Lin is not my opponent."

Ye Chen said to Zhang Baitao.

Zhang Jia advocated Bai Tao's cold smile. "Ye Chen, how dare you say that Lin's master is not your opponent!"

"Go and invite the master of the Lin family to come here!"

"Yes! Master

Then, an elder went to the direction of the Lin family.

Zhang Baitao was helped up by several children of Zhangjia.

Ye Chen sighed to himself. He thought about this piece of Baitao. Why didn't he believe what he said?

However, he came to Zhangjia this time in order to let Zhang Jia and Qian family break the engagement.

Since Zhang Jia doesn't accept it, he will wait.

The Lin family is not far from Zhangjia.

Before long, a figure appeared in the eyes of all the people in Zhangjia.

This is an old man, looking at the energetic old man.

The old man came over.

The old man is no one else. He is the leader of the Lin family and the leader of the nine star battle king.

"Elder brother Lin, you are here at last."

"Brother Baitao, why did you invite me all of a sudden?"

Lin Changgang finished his speech, and before the zhangjias advocated Baitao to speak, he saw Ye Chen.

The Lin family belongs to the top family, and the leader Lin is a member of the Martial Arts Alliance. Naturally, his status is extremely noble.

But at this time, he made a very inconsistent action with his own identity and rubbed his eyes.

Ye Leaf dust?

Lin Chang was stunned. He quickly walked to Ye Chen's side.

"Lord Ye Chen, are you back from practice?"

Lin said respectfully to Ye Chen.


As soon as Lin Chang said this, all the people in Zhangjia were shocked.


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