I Copy Talents | Chapter 441 | Return To Warrior Alliance

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Chapter 441 Return To Warrior Alliance

 All the people in Zhangjia were shocked and looked at the scene in front of them.

Lin's family leader Lin is so respectful to Ye Chen?

Well, how could this be?

They couldn't believe it in any way.

Zhang Jia advocates that Bai Tao also swallows his mouth. When Lin Chang calls Ye Chen, the cold sweat has already wet his whole body.

"Lord Ye Chen, how did you come here?"

"A little thing."

Ye Chen smiles.

"Oh, oh." Lin Chang nodded.

After that, Lin looked at Zhang Baitao and said, "brother Baitao, what can I do for you?"

Zhang Jia advocated that Bai Tao should be shocked. After a few seconds of hesitation, he immediately said, "brother Lin, come here."

Lin was stunned and didn't understand what Zhang Baitao meant.

He walked over.

"Elder brother Lin, isn't Ye Chen the first day of a raging sea? How can you be so respectful to him?"

Zhang Jia advocates Bai Tao whispering to Lin Chang.

Lin Chang was surprised, and quickly told the story of Ye Chen to the Zhangjia family, advocating Baitao.

Zhang Baitao was shocked when he heard that he was struck by lightning.

"War, war emperor?"

Zhang Jia's view that Bai Tao's face is as dead as ashes, in any case can't believe this is true.

Immediately, Zhang Baitao's eyes became firm. He looked at Ye Chen and said:

"Mr. Ye Chen, I'm sorry, everything is my fault! I agreed! "

After saying that, Zhang Jia advocated Bai Tao to make a deep bow to Ye Chen.


Ye Chen only said one word.

He came to Zhangjia just for this. Now it has been done, there is no need to continue here.

Immediately, he walked away slowly.

The forest chief also quickly followed up.

All the people in Zhangjia look at me and I look at you. They all look at each other for a while, and they swallow their saliva.

"Master, what's going on?"

"Yes, master Lin, why did he call ye Chen an adult?"

All the people in Zhangjia are puzzled and look at Zhang Baitao.

Zhang Baitao sighed heavily.

"Because ye Chen has the strength of war emperor."

Zhang Jia advocates Bai Tao theory.


As soon as this was said, all the people in Zhangjia took a breath of cold air, and they all gaped.

In other words, they just offended a war emperor?

"Master, do you think ye Chen will not hate us for this?"

The elder of Zhangjia was terrified. At the moment, his whole body was shaking violently.

The two elders are not much better than the elder.

"Yes, I should not."

Zhang Jia advocated that Bai Tao's intestines were all regretful at this time.


"Mr. Ye Chen, where are you going now?"

Lin said, looking at Ye Chen.

"The alliance of the warriors."

Ye Chen said slowly.

Lin Chang laughed, "just in time, I'm going to the wuzhe alliance, let's go together."

Ye Chen did not continue to speak, he and Lin long toward the warrior alliance.

Before long, ye Chen and Lin Chang went outside the alliance.

Just to the martial alliance outside, leaf dust saw Qian such as snow.

"It's really Ye Chen who asked me to come."

"No way!"

"Why don't you believe it?"

Qian such as snow delicate face is very anxious.

"You don't have any proof. Of course, we don't believe it was Lord Ye Chen who asked you to come!"

Several guards of the warrior alliance stopped Qian such as snow. No matter how Qian Ruxue said, they refused to let Qian Ru Xue go in.

"What's going on?"

Long Lin's face sank.

Several guards see ye Chen and the forest leader, and they quickly respectfully.

"This is the case. She said that Lord Ye Chen asked her to come to the Martial Arts Alliance, but we don't believe it."


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