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Chapter 449 God Level Talent

 Ye Chen smiles to himself, thinking about this luck?

He opened the super chest:

"divine talent."


Ye Chen looked at the God level talent in the super treasure chest, and could not help but take a breath.

God level talent?

God level cultivation talent?

This is the best cultivation talent known.

Ye Chen's face is very wonderful.



Ye Chen did not hesitate.

After a few seconds, the original cultivation talent of anti heaven level has become God level cultivation talent.

After integrating the divine level cultivation talent, ye Chen instantly felt that the yuan forces in all directions were coming towards him.

Is this the charm of divine talent?

This is totally equivalent to the practice of hanging on the machine!

Next, let's go and report to the warlords League.

Everyone knows the alliance of warriors in the capital.

Ye Chen casually asked a passer-by, and he knew where the alliance was.

When he arrived at the warlord alliance, he found himself in a sea of people.

This is

Ye Chen has some doubts.

He thought that the wuzhe alliance could only be entered by super existence. Is it possible that the wuzhe alliance here is different from that of the Wuba base city?

"I hope I can successfully enter the warfighter alliance."

"Yes, as long as I can enter the warlords League, I can get a monthly allowance."

"Who says it's not. It's just that the conditions are too harsh. You have to lift at least 5000 Jin of stone."

Five thousand jin!

Equivalent to ten Star Warrior.

Ye Chen was stunned, thinking of a place like the imperial capital, these people

"Second rate talent."

"Medium talent."

"High talent."

Ye Chen looked at the talent of these people and couldn't help but stay.

Thinking of places like Nu Hai, they have high cultivation talents. Why is this the imperial capital?

But he was relieved.

Thinking that the cultivation of talent is born, perhaps the people there in the sea of rage, the talent is originally very high.

The cultivation of talent is very important, which represents how far you can go on the road of cultivation.

For example, Ye's weak talent at the beginning of his life can't be a real warrior even if he tries hard to cultivate all his life.

However, now that he has a divine talent, there are infinite possibilities for the future.

The population of the imperial capital was too large, with more than 60 million people. He thought of a city with such a population base.

If everyone is a high-level talent, it should not be terrible death.


Ye Chen thinks that he has a token given to him by Xia Jitian, so he doesn't need to queue up.

In a moment, he went forward.

"What are you doing? Line up

A one star Master said to Ye Chen.

The one star master is from the warrior alliance. He is wearing a suit specially made by the alliance of warriors. There are four dazzling characters on the clothes.

"I have a warrior token."

Ye Chen said to the master.

Master Yixing was surprised, "what do you say?"

Seeing that he didn't believe it, ye Chen took out the warrior token from the system space.

The one star master took the token and ran in.

"Who is this man? He has a warrior token?"

"Yes, it's horrible."

"Who knows, it must be a child of a large family."

All the people in line were talking to Ye Chen.

Before long, the one star master came out.

"The Lord will let you in."


Everyone in the line was shocked.

The leader let him in?

You know, the leader is one of the top ten in the Dragon Kingdom sky list.

How is it possible to let him in?


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