I Copy Talents | Chapter 464 | Where Is Ye Chen

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Chapter 464 Where Is Ye Chen

 "You deserve it!"

Lu Wei said in a cold voice to Ning Feng.

Ning Feng's face is swollen at the moment with the pig's head in general, looking at is really miserable.

"This, this, this..."

Ning Feng covered his face and was terrified.


Ye Chen said slowly to Ning Feng.

Ning Feng smell speech such as get amnesty, hurriedly run out of the room.

"Adults, we should do that to people like Ning Feng!" Lu Wei said with a smile to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's face was calm as water, and he slowly opened his mouth: "it's just a tiaojiang clown."


Xiaohe union envoy office.

Ning Feng came in.

"Lord Xiaohe, Lord Xiaohe!"

"What's going on?"

Xiao He looked at Ning Feng which was swollen like a pig's head and asked in a hurry.

"If you go back to Xiaohe, it's Ye Chen who beat me!"


Xiao River smell speech, the face is gloomy and cold to the extreme.

"Ye Chen, you really don't give me face!"

He thought that Ning Feng was he let go to the next war post, but he was beaten by Ye Chen. This is not to hit his face.

"Ha ha! Ye Chen, since you don't give me face, I won't give you face either! "

When the voice dropped, Xiao He looked at a warrior and said:

"spread out the first battle between Ye Chen and me three days later!"

"Yes! Lord Xiaohe

Hearing the speech, the warrior left the office in a hurry.

In just a few hours, the whole imperial warlord alliance knew that ye Chen was going to fight Xiaohe in the martial arena three days later.

"Who is Ye Chen? How dare you make a war with Xiao He

"Ye Chen, you don't know. It's the new alliance envoy of our wuzhe alliance."

"What? Is Ye Chen the new league envoy? "

In the past few days, all the warriors of the wuzhe alliance have been discussing Ye Chen and Xiao He's war.

Time flies, and it's the third day in a twinkling of an eye.

At this time, under the martial arts challenge, there are already full of warriors.

More than a dozen Junior League envoys of the wuzhe alliance are all in place, and there is even a middle level alliance envoy.

However, there is no senior League envoy. Maybe they feel that such a battle is not worth watching for them at all.

I saw an old man in his sixties stepped into the martial arts contest. The old man's pace was very steady and he looked terrible.

This warrior is no one else. It's Xiao He, the junior league envoy of the wuzhe alliance.

"Ye Chen, where is it?"

Xiao He looked at the martial arts challenge and asked in a deep voice.

Unfortunately, no one responded.

"The Ye Chen alliance does not dare to come?"

"Maybe it is. After all, Xiao River Alliance envoy is a four-star war emperor."

"It is said that Lord Ye Chen is also a star wars emperor."

"Tut Tut, there is no chance that one star war emperor will win against four-star war emperor. No wonder Lord Ye Chen dare not come."

Hongshan also sighed secretly under the martial arts challenge. He thought who was not good to be provoked by Ye Chen, and how did he get into Xiaohe? Don't he know that Xiao He is a four-star war emperor?

Although Hongshan knows Ye Chen is a martial arts player, it is too far from the sky for the one star war emperor to defeat the four-star war emperor.

"Ye Chen, where is it?"

Xiao He again whispered.

A terrible breath swept out of Xiao River's body.

All the warriors in the martial arts arena were shocked. In their eyes, this kind of breath was too terrible.

"Come on, what are you calling all the time?"

Suddenly, a slightly lazy voice appeared in everyone's ears.


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