I Copy Talents | Chapter 469 | Lightning Mixture

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Chapter 469 Lightning Mixture

 Under the martial arts challenge, everyone didn't understand what ye Chen meant.

How powerful is the power of thunder and lightning?

Is it possible that

All of a sudden, all the warriors thought of an amazing possibility.

That is, ye Chen has not only the power to run thunder, but also the talent of lightning.

At the thought of this, all the warriors under the martial challenge were shocked.

Just as they thought!

In the palm of Ye dust's hand, another flash of lightning power appeared.

Looking at the power of lightning in Ye Chen's hands, all the warriors can't help but turn pale.

They were just guessing, but they didn't think it was true.

At this moment, the power of lightning and the power of lightning are mixed in the palm of leaf dust.

All the warriors under the martial arts challenge looked at the mixture of thunder and lightning, and they couldn't help laughing bitterly. They thought that their talent and ye Chen's talent were just like heaven and earth.

"I can't believe that you have lightning talent as well as thunder talent."

Tu Bao looks at Ye Chen.

"Did you tell you," Ye Chen's face was calm as water, and he slowly said to Tu Bao, "you talk a lot?"


Hearing this, all the warriors in the martial arts arena knew at that time that the great war was coming.

The five-star war emperor slaughtered the leopard. After hearing Ye Chen's words, he immediately became extremely angry.

"Ye Chen, watch the move

Just listen to the butcher leopard a big drink, in the hands of the power of running thunder toward the leaf dust fly over, the speed is very fast.

The leaf dust also throws out the mixed force of thunder and lightning.

Suddenly, the terrible power of thunder and lightning swept out!


The power of running thunder and the power of thunder and lightning hit each other heavily.

In a flash, a terrible crack appeared on the ground of martial arts challenge.

There is no doubt that the power of Tu Bao's running thunder can not resist the power of the thunder and lightning of leaf dust.

I saw the power of thunder and lightning continued to move towards the butcher leopard fiercely.

And the power of thunder and lightning seems too terrible.

Tu Bao's eyes widened. He found that he couldn't take such an attack!


He had no choice but to resist it with all his might at the moment.


A loud noise came into everyone's ears.

All the warriors in the martial arts arena all looked at the place where Tu Bao was.

However, it was found that Tu Bao had fallen to the ground.


Tu Bao spits out a mouthful of blood.

All the warriors in the martial arts contest all looked at each other. Naturally, they were shocked. They could not imagine how strong Ye Chen was.

Even the five-star emperor Tu Bao was defeated by one blow.

But why He's just a junior league agent?

Under the martial arts challenge, all the martial artists find that they just want to break their heads, but they can't figure out why.

Silence, silence.

All the warriors were shocked to see the slightly emaciated figure on the martial challenge.

Although Ye Chen looks a little emaciated, in the eyes of many martial arts practitioners, it is a kind of existence.

Hongshan could not stop shaking. He thought he would tell the leader the news.

Then, Hongshan ran to the hall of the alliance of warriors.

"Lord! Lord

Gao Yuan, the leader of the imperial warlord alliance, looks at Hongshan in disbelief.

"What's the matter?"

"Leaf dust, leaf dust..."

After taking a few breaths, Hongshan went on to say:

"Ye Chen defeated the intermediate League to make Tu Bao."


Hearing this, Gao Yuan immediately couldn't sit still. He got up from his seat and looked at Hongshan in amazement.


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