I Copy Talents | Chapter 475

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 475

 Ye Chen thinks that Hongxue is not an ear problem.

"I'm your bodyguard."

He continued to say to Hong Xue.

Hong Xue was shocked and could not recover for a long time.

After a long time, Hong Xue continued to say to Ye Chen, "you are my bodyguard. How can I not know?"

Ye Chen didn't continue to speak, and looked up Hongxue's talent and realm information.

"Name: Hong Xue."

"Cultivation talent: Heaven level."

"Hidden talent: Fire talent."

"Realm: four star war king."

Looking at Hong Xue's talent and realm information, ye Chen finally understands why Hong Xue is so proud. It turns out that he is the king of four-star war.

"Hello, may I ask you something?"

Seeing that ye Chen did not speak, Hong Xue asked again.

Ye Chen came to his senses, "your grandfather asked me to protect you."

"My grandfather?"

Hongxue Lengshen, obviously did not expect Ye Chen to say such words.

"Yes, your grandfather said you don't know the height of the earth." Ye Chen said slowly.

When he said this, Hong Xue could not help looking cold.

"My grandfather is so confused that he asked you to protect me. He thought this was the age of vitality."

The implication is that this era is an era of strength, not a time for boys to protect girls.


Ye Chen smiles to himself, but he doesn't want to explain anything, just because he knows that no matter how he explains, there is no effect.

"Well, I don't know your name yet."

Hongxue looks at the leaf dust.

"My name is Ye Chen." Ye Chen replied truthfully that he thought there was nothing to hide.

Leaf dust?

It was the first time that Hong Xue had heard Ye Chen's name, and a touch of sarcasm appeared on her white face.

"Tell me, how can you do it? My grandfather asked you to protect me. You should know that my grandfather is a junior league envoy of the warrior alliance."

When talking about her grandfather, Hong Xue's face could not help but appear a look of pride.

"Because," Ye Chen looked at Hong Xue, "I'm the Super League envoy of the wuzhe alliance."


Hong Xueyi Zheng, the special League envoy?

"You're not sick, are you?" Hong Xue scoffed at Ye Chen, "don't you know that there is no Super League in the Martial Arts Alliance to make this position?"

Ye Chen laughed to himself, thinking that no one believed the truth this year.

"It was true in the past, but because of my appearance, so there was." Ye Chen said slowly.

Hong Xue couldn't help frowning, and then was in a rage.

"Come on, do you really think you are a character?"

Hong Xue said in disgust.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, "whether you believe it or not, I'm the Super League envoy of the wuzhe alliance."

Hongxue smell speech can no longer bear the arrogance of Ye dust, "I don't need your protection, leave it!"

Listening to Hong Xue's angry words, ye Chen smiles.

"Do you think I'll leave?"


Hong Xue looks at Ye Chen angrily.

"Aren't you going into dune town? What are you waiting for?"

"Good! When you're in dune Town, don't be scared to pee your pants

Hong Xue said coldly.

Ye Chen smiles to himself. He thinks the Hongxue is a little too interesting.

Without saying much, they went into dune town.

Sand dune town is a gathering place of fierce animals and has a certain scale.

As soon as they entered dune Town, a dozen fire snakes found them!


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