I Copy Talents | Chapter 479 | Kill The Iron Hoof Demon Cow With One Finger

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Chapter 479 Kill The Iron Hoof Demon Cow With One Finger


Suddenly, hundreds of ferocious monkeys roared.

Then, they rush towards the leaf dust and the snow, and the speed is very fast.


Ye Chen holds up the Juxing epee and cuts it out.

The sword and the power of each big talent, which was inspired by the talent of weapons, flew out to hundreds of ferocious monkeys with iron arms.


All of a sudden, the ground vibrated a little.

In a flash, countless screams came into Hong Xue's ears.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Hong Xue can't help but step backward.

This It was a real killing!

However, there was no fluctuation in his face.

Such a person, too terrible!

At the moment, Hong Xue's heart is undoubtedly shocked to the point beyond the limit.

"I said, you and I together," Ye Chen looked at Hong Xue, "should feel safe, should not be afraid, now you believe it."

Hong Xue doesn't dare to believe it. At this time, she only thinks that ye Chen is really terrible.


Suddenly, another fierce animal's roar appeared in Hong Xue's ear.

Hong Xue quickly followed the voice to see the past, and found that it was an intermediate beast king level fierce beast, iron hoofed demon cow!

Iron hoofed demon cattle, a fierce beast of intermediate rank, rushed directly to Ye Chen and Hong Xue, and the speed was very fast.

When the iron hoofed cow was only 10 meters away from ye Chen and Hong Xue, his talent and level information appeared in his retina.

"Iron hoofed fiend: fierce beast."

"Talent: great power talent."

"Level: intermediate beast king level fierce beast."

Looking at the talent and realm information of the iron hoofed demon cow, ye Chen's face became dull.

He put the Tu Xing Epee on his back.

Hong Xue is surprised. She doesn't understand why Ye Chen wants to take back the Juxing epee. Suddenly, she finds Ye Chen erect a finger.

Is it possible that

She suddenly remembered what ye Zhigang had just said to her:

"intermediate beast king level fierce beast, I can kill it with one finger."

She originally only took this as a joke, but she didn't think ye Chen was really ready to do so.

But now she has no time to ask, because the intermediate King level fierce beast iron hoofed demon cow has come near.


The iron hoofed demon cow roared and raised its height, and its hooves were about to trample on the leaf dust and the snow.

If it's an ordinary person or an ordinary warrior, you don't have to think about how tragic it will be if you are attacked like this.

But can ye Chen be an ordinary person?

I saw, leaf dust up on the finger, a terrible invisible force toward the iron hoofed demon cow.

True dragon body, divine power talent, giant power talent, native talent, high power talent.

The blessing of the five powers makes Ye dust's power too terrible.

Naturally, this invisible terror force can not be resisted by an intermediate beast king level fierce beast like iron-hoofed demon cow.

All of a sudden, the invisible terror force burst out of Ye Chen's fingers and penetrated the body of the iron-hoofed demon cow.

There is a huge blood hole in the body of the iron hoofed demon cow!

And the double hooves raised by the iron-hoofed demon cow can no longer fall down.

After a few seconds, the iron hoofed demon cow fell back heavily.


Because the body was too big, a big hole was smashed on the ground.

Hong Xue has been frozen like a clay sculpture. She can't recover for a long time. She never dreamed that ye Chen could actually kill the intermediate beast king level fierce beast, iron hoofed demon cow, with one finger.

She was so shocked!!!


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