I Copy Talents | Chapter 486 | Warlord Class Martial Artist

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 486 Warlord Class Martial Artist

 "What kind of existence am I?"

Ye Chen thought for a moment, "well I'm a terrible existence. "


Hong Xue couldn't help laughing.

At this time, the steak came up.

Ye Li and Hong Xue begin to eat.

"Why, sister Xue?"

A cute voice appeared in the ear.

Leaf dust followed the voice to see the past, found a girl a year or two younger than him came over, the girl's face still with a look of surprise.

"Little man?"

Hong Xue was surprised.

"Sister Xue, we haven't seen each other for a long time."

Wu man smiles at Hong Xue.

"Yes, it has been more than a year."

Ye Chen is not interested in Hong Xue and Wu man's family routine.

"Sister Xue, this is..."

Wu man looks at Ye Chen.

"Oh, his name is Ye Chen." Hong Xue said.

Hong Xue was at a loss because she felt that it was not good to say his name because of the existence of Ye Chen.

"Sister Xue, he won't be your boyfriend, will he?"

Wuman smiles.

As soon as he said this, Hong Xue's white face turned red.

"Xiaoman, what are you talking about?"

With that, Hong Xue took a look at Ye Chen and found that ye Chen's face was calm as water. After that, she was relieved.

"Ye Chen, she is my cousin Wu man." Said to Hongchen.

With that, Hong Xue suddenly thought of something. She asked Wu man, "Xiao man, do you come from the source base city to the emperor?"

"Of course, my grandfather is going to enter the three tricks gate."

Wu said with a smile.

Ye Chen is surprised to himself that he has no interest in Wu man, but he is interested in the three tricks gate.

"Your grandfather has become a warrior in the imperial class

A shock appeared on Hong Xue's white face.

"Yes, that's why he came." Wu said.

Before long, ye Chen and Hong Xue were ready to eat.

Just as he was about to leave, an old man came in.

The old man was tall and sixty years old, with tiger eyes! The whole body is full of faint murderous spirit, which makes people feel terrible.

"Name: Wu Qiang."

"Cultivation talent: intermediate."

"Hidden talent: great power talent."

"Realm: one star battle imperial martial arts."

Ye Chen was a little shocked, thinking it was really terrible!

However, those who practice martial arts don't look at the talent of cultivation. What's more, if they practice with their bodies, they will suffer a lot that ordinary people can't understand.

"Little man."

The old man called to Luman.

"Grandpa, you're here."

"Grandfather Wu."

Hong Xue called to the old man in a hurry.

Wu Qiang is very pleased to nod, "well, good."

"How's your grandfather?" Wu Qiang looks at Hong Xue and asks.

"My grandfather is preparing to break through the two star war emperor recently, so he is closed." Hong XueDa said.

Wu man suddenly smile, "grandfather, snow sister has a boyfriend."

"Oh?" Wu Qiang was stunned, "who is it? I'd like to see Xiao Xue's boyfriend

"That's him." Wu man said softly.

Wu Qiang hears the speech and looks at Ye Chen!


It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. You are shocked by Ye Chen's appearance.

He thought, how could it look so good?

The figure is well proportioned, so well dressed!

Eyebrows are divided into eight colors. If the eyes are like stars, they are like silver pots!

For a while, Wu Qiang was as rigid as a clay sculpture.

"Grandfather, what's the matter with you?"


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