I Copy Talents | Chapter 490 | Because I Am Strong

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Chapter 490 Because I Am Strong

 Facing everyone's gaze, ye Chen's face still has no fluctuation, as if he was the only one in the hall of Hong's family.

"Because," Ye Chen glanced at the hall of the Hong family lightly, "I am very strong, so the leader gave me an honorary title of special League envoy."

Wu Qiang also gnawed his teeth when he heard the speech. He thought that he had been very good at pretending to be forced, but in front of Ye Chen, he was just a wizard.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Suddenly, Wu Qiang laughed again, "Ye Chen, you can't be such a man. Be modest. You look at her at the same age as Xiao Xue. How strong can she be?"

As soon as this word came out, all the elders of Hong family in the hall began to echo.

"Yes, Xiaoxue is the first day of Luohe college."

"Xiaoxue is the king of four-star war now. I think he is not as good as Xiaoxue."

"Yes, I haven't seen such a young man yet."

All the elders look down on the hall.

Ye Chen shook his head, and he was not ready to answer.

However, to his surprise, Hong Xue was the first to speak.

"In fact," Hong Xue looked at all the people in the hall, "I'm far from ye Chen's opponent. Maybe I can't even beat Ye Chen's finger."


Hearing this, all the people in the hall were shocked. They did not even dream that Hong Xue would say such a thing.

"Snow, you, what do you say?"

The big elder of Hong family looks at Hong Xue with consternation.

Immediately, Hong Xue gave a complete account of what happened in dune town and how ye Chen destroyed the evil organization of black wolf.

After hearing this, all the people in the hall were stunned.

It is quiet and silent, and the needle can be heard.

Time seems to be still at this moment.

"No, it's absolutely impossible!"

The great elder of the Hong family suddenly began to drink. He would rather believe that he could only live for one day than believe it was true.

"I absolutely don't believe you can do that!" The elder of Hong family stares at Ye Chen and says.

It's not only that the elder Hong family doesn't believe it, but all the people don't believe it. It's just too fantastic.

"I didn't convince you either." Ye Chen said faintly.

Wu Qiang is secretly gritted his teeth, thinking that his own limelight was all robbed by Ye dust, how can this be so installed?

Super League envoy?

Is it the emperor of war?

Kill intermediate beast king level fierce beast, iron hoofed demon ox?

Eliminate the black wolf evil organization?

These can never be associated with leaf dust.

"The master is back!"

Suddenly, one of Hong's children ran into the hall excitedly and said to the elders.

All the elders of the Hong family were pleasantly surprised.

"Brother Wu, the master is back. We are going to meet him now. Look..."

"Of course, I'd like to see," Wu Qiang glanced at Ye Chen. "Is there any special League envoy in the imperial capital warlord alliance?"

With that, everyone in the hall walked out quickly.

Ye Chen didn't go out with them. He shook his head, but he didn't understand. No one believed the truth these days.

Before long, Hong Shan, the leader of the Hong family, walked into the hall with a dragon and a tiger.

At the moment, Hongshan's face is full of vigor and vitality, and there is a lot of arrogance in the sky and the earth.

Obviously, Hongshan has broken through to the two star war emperor.


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