I Copy Talents | Chapter 492 | Elder Hong Family Doesnt Believe It

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Chapter 492 Elder Hong Family Doesnt Believe It

 As soon as Hongshan said this, everyone in the hall was shocked.

Shock, absolute shock!

All this is like a dream, they even feel that all this is false, and ye Chen is also false, there is no such person at all.

Is such a genius really in this world?

Wu Qiang's eyes were wide open, and his mouth was open enough to swallow an extra large bowl.

For a moment, he felt a little helpless, because when he was facing the leaf dust, he felt that the leaf dust was an insurmountable mountain, and he was just a poor mole ant.

"I, I still don't believe it."

Suddenly, the voice of the great elder of the Hong family came into everyone's ears.

People were surprised, of course, did not expect the great Presbyterian to say such a thing.

"What do you mean?"

Hong Shan's face suddenly sank.

"What if you don't believe it?"

Without waiting for Hongshan to answer, ye Chen says faintly to the elder of Hong family.

When the elder of the Hong family heard that he was biting his teeth, he would never believe that ye Chen was so young that he could achieve it.

Even if the owner says so!

"Unless, you can prove it to me!"

The big elder of Hong family looked at Ye Chen and said.

"Ha ha." Leaf dust a smile, "why should I prove to you?"

In the hall of Hong family, the atmosphere began to become dignified.

"If you don't prove it to me, I won't believe it!"

Said the elder of Hong family.

Ye Chen laughed. He did.

Just because he couldn't believe it. It was ridiculous that the great elder of Hong family dared to say such a thing to him.

"Must you prove me?"


The expression on the big elder's face is very firm.

Leaf dust indifferent smile, he still eat this set.

"Well, attack me."

Ye Chen hooks his finger at the elder of Hong family.

To tell you the truth, the elders of the Hong family don't believe Ye Chen can do this. After all, ye Chen looks too young.

The elder of Hong family looks cold when he hears the speech. He stares at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, you said it!"

As the voice dropped, the elder of Hong family rushed to Ye Chen.

But Hongshan shook his head secretly, thinking why the elder didn't understand?

Everyone's eyes are wide open, looking at the scene in front of them!

I saw that the elder of Hong family had already arrived at Ye Chen's front. He put up a heavy fist and hit Ye Chen heavily.

On the fist, the yuan strength is fully displayed!

Ye Chen thinks that the elder of Hong family is only the king of Ten Star Wars. In front of him, he is too weak.

Then he put up a finger.

There is no element force fluctuation above the fingers.

Looking at such a scene, the elder of the Hong family was even more furious because he felt that ye Chen did not pay much attention to him.

Elder Hong's angry fist is about to hit Ye Chen's body!

However, ye Chen's finger is a step faster, already to Hongshan's body.


Just listen to a loud noise, the big elder of Hong family flies upside down and hits the ground heavily!


All the people in the hall were shocked to see such a scene. They quickly rubbed their eyes because they thought they were wrong.

However, they are not wrong.

This, this, this

All of them looked at each other.

"Now," the leaf dust light looks at the Hong family big elder who falls on the ground, "you still can't believe?"

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