I Copy Talents | Chapter 493 | Trial Of Three Deceptions

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Chapter 493 Trial Of Three Deceptions

 The big elder of Hong family is confused. Where can he believe it.

For a while, the great elder of the Hong family felt very embarrassed.

"Ye Chen, you are too strong."

Wu Qiang hurriedly walked to Ye Chen's side and said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust a smile, he looked at Wu Qiang, "Master Wu, half a month after the three door test, please take care of ah."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, No." Wu Qiang shook his head in a hurry. His head was not much different from that of a rattle.

Only at this moment, all the people in the hall of Hong's family finally believed it, and they finally understood the horror of Ye Chen.

Their faces were filled with amazement, stupidity and fear.

Time flies, half a month later.

It's not a secret in the imperial capital, as long as people know the existence of the gate.

However, the three tricks gate will only be opened once every three years, and the conditions for entering it are too high. At the very least, you need to be a martial arts player at the emperor level.

Martial arts should know.

Because of their poor cultivation talents, they are doomed to be unable to become a strong martial artist in this life. They will choose to forge their bodies and then become a strong martial arts practitioners.

If you want to become a martial arts practitioner, you must first be able to bear the pain that ordinary people can't bear, and only those who practice martial arts can feel it.

After ye Chen returned to the Martial Arts Alliance from the Hong family, he began to practice with great concentration.

Intuition told him that he was about to break through the three-star war emperor, but there was always a shackle blocking him.

"Ye Chen, tomorrow is the day when the gate of three evils will be opened. The forest in Mobei is some distance away from us. We must start today."

Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance of warriors, finds Ye Chen. He says to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded. He had been waiting for the three devious doors for a long time.

Immediately, ye Chen, Gao Yuan and the four elder guardians of wuzhe alliance got on the exclusive Yuanli car and went to the forest in Mobei.

Dusk, after dusk.

Ye Chen and his party went outside the forest in Mobei.

Mobei forest is a terrible gathering place of fierce animals. There are too many fierce beasts in it. Fortunately, the level is not too high. However, it can not avoid the forest of Mobei becoming the forbidden area of life.

At this time, Mobei forest outside, there have been countless people, like a sea of people.

"Isn't that man Gao Yuan, the leader of the wuzhe alliance?"

"Yes, it's said that there are no martial arts players in the warlord League."

"Who knows, maybe the wuzhe alliance has it, or it can't come."

These people come to see the excitement, because they can see many strong people here.

When Wu Qiang and his granddaughter Wu man see ye Chen coming, they originally wanted to take the lead in greeting, but they saw that ye Chen was surrounded by Gao Yuan, the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance, and the four elder guardians of the League of guardians.

"Master Wu!"

Let Wu Qiang and Wu man in any case did not think of is that ye Chen is the first to call them.

This call, Wu Qiang's face instantly surprised, he quickly took wuman to Ye Chen's body.

Before opening his mouth, a guard League elder's eyes, a light swept out, he was staring at Wu Qiang and Wu man.

"Who are you?"

Wu Qiang and Wu man are surprised. They are very shocked.

They know that each of the four elder guardians of the wuzhe alliance is a strong one at the battle honor level. It's really terrible for the strong men of the battle honor level. They can't stand just one look.


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