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Chapter 494 Strong

 The name of the elder was Xia Qingshan, a Seven Star Warrior.

Zhan Zun is already a respected person in this world. Wherever he goes, there is a river of blood flowing.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the warrior of emperor level may be an insurmountable mountain, but in front of the warrior of zhanzun level, it is nothing.

It is said that the emperor of the Dragon kingdom is the God of war!

The strong man of war god level has broken away from the shackles of human beings, which is the real break of the existence of nine days and ten places.

Wu Qiang and Wu man are so staring at by a warrior of war class, their hearts are naturally hairy.

"Master Xia, they are my friends."

Ye Chen said to Xia Qingshan.

When Xia Qingshan heard the speech, he took back his eyes, pinned his head to one side and looked away.

"Ye Chen, there are so many powerful emperors."

Wu Qiang swallowed his saliva and said to Ye Chen in horror.

Leaf dust nodded, he also just came to the emperor not long ago, the emperor is so big, the strong natural is much to the point like ox hair.

"Look! Here comes the FireGate

I don't know who it is, and suddenly a big drink.

See more than a dozen people in the mighty walk, onlookers have to make way for a road.

These ten people were all dressed in flaming robes, as if they were really carrying fire, and the air around them became quite hot.

Fire gate!!!

Ye Chen naturally knows, because Shiling is in the fire gate!

"You see, it's not Wuji, a martial arts person in the fire hall. He got great fortune in the three tricks gate three years ago. I don't know what kind of situation he has reached now."

"I've heard that Wuji has now broken through to the seven star system, the emperor of war."


As soon as the words came out, all the onlookers took a breath of cold air.

Seven Star technique war emperor?!

That's terrible.

Ye Chen's face also began to become a little dignified up, seven star body art war emperor, at present he can't defeat.

"Here comes the man from the ice and snow Silver Palace!"

Suddenly, another big drink came into everyone's ears.

Everyone immediately looked at it, which was startled.

Just because a dozen women came over.

These women are very bright and moving, like Fairies in general, wearing a blue water smoke Luo skirt.

Ye Chen smiles to himself, and he is also very clear about the ancestral gate where Liu Qianqian is.


He thought Liu Qianqian was not here. If he was, he didn't dare to think of such a meeting scene.

"Is that the ten masters of the ice snow Silver Palace?"

"Yes, I heard that he was a five-star martial artist."

All the people around were talking.

"There are more terrible things not coming."

Gao Yuan said suddenly.

Ye Chen is slightly stunned. Naturally, he doesn't quite understand Gao Yuan's words.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Suddenly, a burst of laughter came.

The sound of laughter is like a bolt from the blue, which makes many people's ears deaf.

Laughter Rulei?!

All of them looked at the past in horror and found an old man with a height of one foot and a broad waist came over.

This old man is walking like a dragon and a tiger. He has a hundred steps in front of him and behind him. It seems that he is too overbearing!

"This, this, this, this is Is this Lord Hetu? "

Hetu, the famous existence of the imperial capital!

He is the uncle of the emperor of the Dragon kingdom.

As a matter of fact, Hetu has long been able to break through to the level of martial arts and martial arts, but he has been holding himself back from breaking through.

This is to open the gate and enter it again.

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