I Copy Talents | Chapter 503 | Earth Fire Lord Jiaohuang White Flame

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Chapter 503 Earth Fire Lord Jiaohuang White Flame

 Two one star art warlords didn't think that ye Chen was just in front of them in an instant. They were scared to death.

Before they even had time to beg for mercy, ye Chen punched out.

Two astral warlords fell to the ground, their bodies were broken.

I saw that the eyes of the two astral warlords were wide open. It was obvious that they would not close their eyes when they died.

"I said I would give it back to you. Why don't you believe it?"

Ye Chen shook his head slightly.

When he turned around, he found that Wu Qiang was as rigid as a clay sculpture. His face was full of shock, as if he had seen something impossible to see.

"Master Wu!"

Ye Chen called to Wu Qiang.

To his surprise, Wu Qiang was still stuck.

Helpless, he had to stop a few more, which let Wu Qiang from the extreme shock of God.

"Ye Chen, you, you, you are the God of war!"

Wu Qiang ran quickly to Ye Chen's body and said to Ye Chen.

God of war

Ye Chen smiles to himself, thinking that if he is the God of war, he still needs to enter the three tricky doors.

Immediately, they left the place.

They went on searching.

Inside the three tricks gate, every place may have the existence of Jingtian Lingbao.

"Let's defeat this intermediate beast king level fierce beast together, he guards the white flame!"

"Good! We'll beat the beast


Ye Chen and Wu Qiang look at a scene not far away.

He found that seven or eight body art war emperors were besieging an intermediate beast emperor level fierce beast.

Behind this intermediate beast king level fierce beast, there is a stone platform with white flame on it!

Looking at the white flame on the stone platform, ye Chen couldn't help but see a light in front of him. Now he has green, purple, red, black, but there is no white flame.

"It's the earth fire that dominates the emperor of the river!"

Wu Qiang said in shock.

"Dihuo overlord Jiaohuang is equivalent to six-star war emperor, so terrible!"

Six star war emperor?

Ye Chen thinks that it is not too difficult to fight with the six-star emperor with his own strength, but he may not be able to kill him.

Soon after entering the three tricks gate, he got a chance to use the supernatural power. However, he felt that it was a waste to use the supernatural power on an intermediate beast king level fierce beast.

"Ding! Break through to the three-star war emperor. "

The sound of the system suddenly appeared in his mind.

Ye Chen was stunned. This

This OK?


He thought that he had been infinitely close to the three-star war emperor, but there was a shackle blocking his breakthrough. He should be under the impact of infinite magic in the three tricks gate, so he broke through.

As long as you get to the three star battle emperor and add the third layer of the real dragon body, it is not too difficult to kill the local fire tyrant Jiaohuang.

He knew that those who were at the emperor's level could never be the opponents of the emperor.

Sure enough, only in a flash, seven or eight emperor level martial arts practitioners fell to the ground.

Wu Qiang's cold sweat came out from his forehead. "This animal is too strong, ye Chen. Shall we go?"

Ye Chen shakes his head and smiles. He thinks that although Wu Qiang is more than 60 years old, how dare he be

But also, after all, no one wants to die.

"Mr. Wu Qiang, I'm going to meet the local fire king."

What what?

Wu Qiang was surprised, but he was immediately relieved.

He knew that ye Chen never fought an uncertain battle.


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