I Copy Talents | Chapter 504 | Battlefield Fire Lord Jiaohuang

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Chapter 504 Battlefield Fire Lord Jiaohuang

 "Well Then you go, and I'll wait for you here. "

Wu Qiang said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, and then he went over.

He opened his mouth and a black flame came out of his mouth like a volcano.

On the ground, seven or eight emperor level martial arts practitioners were all burned clean.


Then, the intermediate beast king level fierce beast Dihuo Bajiao Huang issued a roar, as if in the roar of victory.

Suddenly, it saw the leaf dust walking slowly.


The king roared again.

The fierce roar made the wind retrogress. If it were ordinary people, it would have been torn to pieces.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, and could not see any fluctuation. He was still walking slowly. Before long, he came to the body of the earth fire tyrant Jiaohuang.

This local fire tyrants the emperor of Jiaohuang. He looks like a pterosaur, but his whole body is red and his eyes are red.

"Dihuo tyrants the Emperor: fierce beast."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Level: intermediate beast king level fierce beast."

The middle level beast king level fierce beast land fire Ba Jiao emperor looked at Ye Chen, his red eyes shot out a burst of cold light.

It's like a hunter looking at his prey.

Ye Chen takes down the Juxing Epee behind his back.

The hands vibrated slightly, and all kinds of talents appeared on the Juxing epee. In an instant, the Juxing Epee became radiant and colorful. It was really dazzling to watch.

Not far away, Wu Qiang was shocked to see the various intertwined talents on the Juxing epee.

Although he had seen it in the cave.

But this thing, no matter how many times, will still be shocked. Even if you don't want to be shocked, you can't help being shocked.

After all

It is unbelievable that a warrior has so many terrible talents at the same time.


Suddenly, the middle-level animal King level fierce beast land fire tyrant Jiaohuang opened his mouth again, and a black flame spewed out at a very fast speed.

Ye Chen thinks it's good that he is fast, otherwise he can't escape.

He dodged to one side, held up the Juxing Epee in his hand and said:

"smash the sky and cut the earth!"

The high-level martial arts skills of Tianjie smashed the sky and cracked the ground. Countless swords interwoven with the power of talent attacked the emperor of the earth fire.

This, this, this

Looking at such an attack, Wu Qiang couldn't help stepping back a few steps. The more frightened he was, the more frightened he was.

Just because of this kind of attack, it is really terrible!

He did not expect that ye Chen could launch such a terrible attack.

With this kind of chopping, the intermediate beast king level fierce beast land fire dominates the Jiaohuang Can you block it?

The middle rank beast king level fierce beast ground fire tyrants the Jiao emperor to also be stupid, its eyes fierce one contraction.


All of a sudden, countless swords interwoven with various talents hit the body of Dihuo Ba Jiao emperor.


The middle level beast king level fierce beast ground fire tyrants the Jiao emperor to scream fiercely.

Ye Chen didn't give the opportunity to fight back, and his hand was slightly shocked.

Divine talent, great power talent, native talent, higher power talent.

The power of the four powers is concentrated on the Juxing epee.

The Juxing Epee has become ordinary again from its original brilliance, but people with a clear eye can see it

The power of the Juxing Epee has reached a terrible level!


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