I Copy Talents | Chapter 532 | Junior Beast King Level Fierce Beast Phantom Mad Cow

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Chapter 532 Junior Beast King Level Fierce Beast Phantom Mad Cow

 When a dozen silver moon wolves rush to Ye Chen, ye Chen also blows out.

Suddenly, the wind began to retreat.

More than a dozen of silver moon wolves were turned into powder in an instant.


At this time, the explosion sound appeared.

This is the power of sonic boom!

How could it be?!

Wu Man and several girls looked at such a scene, such as clay sculpture in general rigid in place, for a long time did not return to the body.

"This, this, this It's terrible, too

The voices of several girls began to shake.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, he showed a side face, looking at the numb Wu Man and several girls.

"Don't stand still and move on."

Wu Man and a few girls smell speech this just return to God, they quickly follow up.

At the moment, they are located at the periphery of the sunset forest. During the journey to the deep, they meet countless fierce beasts.

Ye Chen is simply a person to block the killing, the Buddha to block the killing, the fierce beast block is to make them directly into powder.

In short, ye Chen's combat power has almost reached an unparalleled level.

Wu man finally understood why his grandfather said Ye Chen was the most terrifying warrior he had ever seen.

This is simply invincible!

Finally, the party reached the depth of the sunset forest.

"Sister man, then that Is that a dark iron weapon? "

A girl was stunned, she pointed her hand at a place and said.

Wu Man and several other girls looked at the past and found that there were more than a dozen weapons in a piece of land.

Several people looked at the scene in front of them, their whole body could not help being excited.

"It must be a dark iron weapon."

Wu Man nodded.

Ye Chen is naturally not interested in dark iron weapons.

Just as wuman and several girls walked past, a terrible roar was deafening.

Wu Man and several girls were directly knocked to the ground.

"This is What's going on? "

Wu man was shocked.


Suddenly, a huge beast rushed out of the forest.

"The first beast emperor level fierce beast The phantom is mad

Wu Man and several girls looked at the fierce beast in front of them. They were all frightened and screamed.

"Come here."

Ye Chen's face is very calm, he said slowly to Wu Man and several girls.

Wu Man and several girls quickly got up from the ground and ran to Ye Chen's side.

"Master, beast king level fierce beast!"

Wu man swallowed his mouth and spit, and said in horror to Ye Chen.

At the moment, the primary beast king level monster phantom magic cow is staring at Ye Chen. In its opinion, ye Chen is terrible.

It is considering whether to leave or attack.

Ye Chen thinks that it should be this fierce beast that killed thousands of people in the source base city warrior alliance.


It will die!

Just when Wu Man and several girls are afraid that the phantom bull will rush over at any time, ye Chen urges tiancanlingbu, an intermediate martial skill of Tianjie.

The speed of Ye Chen is very fast, and he is in front of the phantom cow of the primary animal King level.

Mirage mad cow also can't help but startle, he didn't expect, leaf dust's speed is actually so fast.

Terror, it's so terrible!

At that time, phantom mad cow knew that he was not ye Chen's opponent at all.

Unfortunately, it's too late to run.

Ye Chen has already hit it with a fist!

The first level beast king level monster phantom mad cow opened his eyes, waiting for the arrival of death.


At last, the phantom bull, a fierce beast of the first rank of animal emperor, roared and fell to the ground.


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