I Copy Talents | Chapter 537 | Punch Me

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Chapter 537 Punch Me

 Lin Qiang looks cold to the extreme. As the owner of the Lin family, one of the top ten in the source base city, when was he looked down upon in this way.

"Boy, I don't think you want to live."

With that, Lin Qiang raised his big hand.

Suddenly, Yuanli condensed into a matchless hand, which suddenly attacked the leaf dust.

The eight family owners behind Lin Qiang all know that ye Chen has no possibility of surviving at eight points, because he is facing the two star war emperor.

Just in an instant, the big hand formed by Yuan Li came to Ye Chen's body.

But ye Chen, standing still like a bell.

Lin Qiang and the eight masters all think that ye Chen has given up resistance, but the big hand formed by Yuan Li is about to reach Ye Chen's body.

Leaf dust suddenly disappeared in place.


Lin Qiang and the eight family owners all took a breath of cold air, but they didn't expect that ye dust would suddenly disappear.


Ye Chen's voice suddenly appeared in the ears of all.

Lin Qiang and the eight family owners quickly followed the sound, but found that ye dust had appeared on their left side.

"How could it be!"

Lin Qiang exclaimed.

He can't believe that ye Chen has such a terrible speed. You know, ye Chen looks about 20 years old.

Ye Chen did not speak, and he came to Lin Qiang step by step.

Some of Lin Qiang and the eight family owners have not come back to God.

Wu Qiang was excited at the side.

He knew that with Ye Chen's help, these people would never be ye Chen's opponents.

"I can't believe that you are so fast!"

Lin Qiang looks at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't speak. He stopped ten steps away from Lin Qiang.

"Take me a punch. If you can handle it, I don't care about it."

Ye Chen said slowly to Lin Qiang.

Lin Qiang smell speech cold voice a smile, "don't you think you are really too arrogant?"

In Lin Qiang's opinion, ye Chen is nothing more than a talent for speed. As for strength, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Ye Chen did not continue to speak, he raised his fist.

On the fist, there is no attachment of any element force.

Lin Qiang and the eight family owners all shake their heads in secret. They have never seen a dead man, and they also think that there is no dead man in the world.

But now it seems that they are not only wrong, but also more wrong.

"Come on, boy

As the emperor of two star wars, Lin Qiang certainly doesn't think that ye Chen can do any harm to him.

Wu Qiang on the side is aware that Lin Qiang is miserable this time.

Suddenly, ye Chen punched out.

This fist, still does not have any element strength, the talent dependence.

Lin Qiang did not make any dodge color at all, he was waiting for ye Chen's punch on his body.

He would like to see if ye Chen's fist, which has no attached yuan force, can give him an itching state.

Finally, ye Chen's fist comes to Lin Qiang's body!

But Lin Qiang still did not make any want to resist the appearance.


Ye Chen's fist hits Lin Qiang heavily.


Suddenly, Lin Qiang then heavily spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Then he flew back and forth.

Wherever he went, everything Lin Qiang hit turned into dust.


When the eight masters saw such a scene, they were all stunned.


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