I Copy Talents | Chapter 545 | Destroy Your Yuan Wheel

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 545 Destroy Your Yuan Wheel

 "It's me. What can you do?"

Liu Shi sneers at Ye Chen.

In her opinion, ye Chen is just a poor ant.

"Destroy your Yuanlun."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Lu Wei and Hong Shan know that the girl's fate is doomed. After all, he has won the Super League envoy of their Martial Arts Alliance.

The old man beside Liu Shi sneered at his words.

"Destroy my granddaughter's Yuanlun?"

Said, the old man then stood up, cold looking at the leaf dust, "do you know when you say this sentence, your end will be what?"

"Name: Liu Gang."

"Cultivation talent: Heaven level."

"Hidden talent: native talent."

"Realm: one star war emperor."

The talent and realm information of the old appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not pay attention to the old man, but continued to look at Liu Shi, "destroy your yuan wheel, you should have no objection."

On one side of the stone spirit heard this, she secretly pulled the clothes of leaf dust.

Naturally, she didn't want to make a big fuss. After all, Liu Shi's identity in huomen and his background were not what she could afford to provoke.

Although her talent is limited, she is more beautiful than Liu Shi.

Liu is always jealous of Shi.

Finally, Shi Ling was fed up and chose to fight Liu Shi in the woods.

She knew that she could never be Liu Shi's rival, but what could she do?

Ye Chen feels Shiling pulling his clothes.


Of course, he doesn't care about one family.

Liu Shi was enraged at the speech, and she looked at Ye Chen.

"Are you looking for..."

But Liu Shi's words have not finished, they will never go on.

Just because when she spoke, ye Chen had already made a fist, which was extremely fast.

Even Liu Gang failed to respond, let alone Liu Shi.

There is no doubt that ye Chen's punch hit Liu Shi's Yuanlun part.


All of a sudden, Liu Shi sent out a startling scream and fell to the ground in pain.


All the people in the audience were shocked to see such a scene.

"Little poem!"

Liu Gang yelled, and his eyes were already red.

"I don't want to fight you," Ye Chen looked at Liu Gang. "If you do something to me, your family will be destroyed."

He just wants to let the people of huomen know that his friends of Ye Chen are not so easy to bully.

There was so much noise that everyone looked at this side.

"What's going on..."

On the other side, the fire gate master and the ten elders came over.

"What's the matter?"

Huo Yun, the master of the fire gate, shouts.

A warrior told huoyun all the story.

Fire cloud hears speech facial expression to sink, coldly looked to leaf dust.

"Are you too arrogant in the alliance of warriors?"

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water. He turned back and looked at huoyun, the master of the fire gate.

"You don't care."


Huo Yun, the master of the fire gate, was infuriated when he heard the speech, "just a junior league envoy. How dare you make trouble in our fire gate?"

Ye Chen and Lu Wei didn't wear badges on their chests, but Hongshan did.

Hongshan was a little surprised, thinking that it had something to do with him.

"Lord huoyun, he destroyed my granddaughter's Yuanlun, this matter..."

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