I Copy Talents | Chapter 546 | Provoked People Who Shouldnt Be Provoked

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Chapter 546 Provoked People Who Shouldnt Be Provoked

 Liu Gang's words had not finished, then was huoyun, the fire gate master, to interrupt.

"Liu Shi is my favorite girl in the gate of fire. I know how to do it!"

Huoyun looks at the leaf dust.

"Fire gate, don't you want to exist?"

Ye Chen looks indifferent at the fire cloud.


All of them took a breath of air-conditioner, but they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"This is the special envoy of the imperial warlord alliance."

Lu Wei suddenly said to the crowd.


As soon as this was said, all the people present were a little stunned.

Super League envoy?

The name

However, they have not heard of any special League envoy.

Shi Ling is also a bit stuck, thinking about ye Chen, who hasn't been seen in a few years, has he grown up to be such a character now.

But huoyun, the master of the fire gate, was greatly shocked.

"You, you, you Are you really a Super League envoy of the warlords

Of course, huoyun knows the special League envoy.

It was Li Mengqing, the leader of the ice snow Silver Palace, who told him, and he also went to verify it.

All the people present were shocked. Naturally, they didn't understand why the headmaster was so frightened.

Is it possible that

The imperial warlord alliance has the existence of super alliance envoy?

Thinking of this, people can't help but be shocked.

"Although it happened in the fire gate, I don't care."

Huoyun, the master of the fire gate, retreated to one side.


Liu Gang was furious.

"Good, good!" Liu Gang looked at Ye Chen, "I want you to die!"

The voice falls, Liu Gang then fiercely a fist to leaf dust to hit come over.

It's a pity that Liu Gang is just a star wars emperor. Where can he be the opponent of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen called Liu Gang's fist, and he couldn't help sighing to himself, thinking why Liu Gang didn't listen to him.

In this world, it has always been the law of the jungle.

Maybe he went too far.

But in Ye Chen's opinion, this is not too much.

Just because he does things, he doesn't need a reason.

I saw that when Liu Gang made a fist, he also made a fist in the past.

The two men's fists hit each other heavily.


But all the people on the stage heard the sound of bone breaking.

Then, Liu Gang flew out upside down and hit the ground heavily.


Looking at such a scene, all the people present could not help but take a breath of cold air.

Some people who know Liu Gang are even more astonished. Of course, they know that Liu Gang is a star wars king, but he was beaten to fly with one punch?

Liu Gang also muddled, a few seconds later, he came back to his mind.

"You should know how to do it?"

Ye Chen looks at Lu Wei.

Lu Wei quickly nodded at the smell of speech, and then took out the Yuan Li telephone and dialed out a number.

After saying a few words, Lu Wei hung up Yuan Li.

Seconds later, Liu Gang, who fell to the ground, received a call.

"Master, all the family members have been taken away by the North District guard."

Liu Gang heard this, his whole body strength seemed to be drained by something, and he sat on the ground powerless.

He knew that this time he really offended the wrong people.

"Go on."

Ye Chen looks at the fire gate master huoyun.

Huoyun naturally knew what ye Chen meant, and he said in a hurry:

"Dabi continues."

With the fire gate master huoyun's command, the fire gate new big than continued to start.

Ye Chen's face always has a dull color.

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