I Copy Talents | Chapter 547 | River Snow Beimen Town

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Chapter 547 River Snow Beimen Town

 After the big match, ye Chen returned to the alliance of warriors.

This time, he just went to see Shi Ling.

After returning to the warlord alliance, he decided to take a walk in the wild.

Set up the sun.

He went out of the North District and went to the wild alone.

The capital of the wild, of course, is much more terrible than his previous base city.

However, he just wants more fierce beasts. After all, more fierce beasts can make his real dragon body break through.

At present, he is the four-star war emperor, the fourth layer of the real dragon treasure body.

Within a few steps, ye Chen found more than a dozen beast soldiers level fierce beasts.

The fierce beasts rushed at him!


He swung out with a straight blow.

In front of him, the fierce beast of beast soldier level was so weak that it was smashed by his fist.

"Kill more than ten beast soldiers with one blow?"

Suddenly, a very surprised voice was introduced into the ear of leaf dust.

Leaf dust back to the body, found his body in front of a very lovely girl.

The girl was eighteen or nine years old, with two ponytails, and her skin was as white as jade.

"Name: River snow."

"Cultivation talent: against the sky level."

"Hidden talent: pentagonal talent, divine power talent."

"Realm: one star war emperor."

Looking at the girl's talent and realm information, ye Chen can't help but be surprised, thinking that the girl is undoubtedly a super genius.

"Hello, my name is river snow."

With that, the girl reached out her hand.

"Leaf dust."

Ye Chen also reached out his hand and held them together.

"Ye Chen, are you from the same experience?"

River snow looks at the leaf dust.

"Well The prepared said, "Ye Chen thought for a moment," I'm here to slaughter the fierce beast. "

Slaughter Fierce beast?

Even if it is a star wars emperor's River snow, also can't help but some stunned.

The wild in the North District is extremely dangerous. Naturally, she did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"Miss He Xue, you should know where there are fierce beasts gathering places. It's better to have some weak places where fierce animals gather. It's more convenient to slaughter."

River snow is startled, she thought Ye Chen was just talking about it, but now it seems to be true.

"You, are you really going to kill the beast?"

River snow is very surprised to look at the leaf dust.

"Yes, what can't be done?" Ye Chen asked.

River Snow smell speech secretly look at the leaf dust, she found that the leaf dust is very beautiful, at the same time, she also knows that the strength of leaf dust is amazing.

It should be similar to her. She can smash more than a dozen beast soldiers in one blow.

"Since you're going to slaughter fierce animals, let's go to Beimen town."

Although Ye Chen has never heard of Beimen Town, he knows that Beimen town must be a good gathering place for fierce animals.

Later, He Xue went to Beimen town with leaf dust.

Beimen town was not far away from where they were, and they soon got outside Beimen town.

"Ye Chen, there are more than 3000 black iron fierce snakes in Beimen town. They are all second-class ferocious beasts."

More than 3000?

Ye Chen thinks the quantity is OK.

The level of the second level fierce beast is naturally very low. It is easy to kill in it.

"Let's go in."

Yinluo and ye Chen take out the Juxing Epee in the system space.


He Xue is suddenly stunned. She looks at the Juxing Epee in Ye Chen's hand.

"Ye Chen, where did you get the sword in your hand?"

He Tu's white face was astonished.

"That's how it came." Ye Chen said.


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