I Copy Talents | Chapter 548 | Thousands Of Dark Iron Snakes

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Chapter 548 Thousands Of Dark Iron Snakes

 Ye Chen thought that even if he told the river snow the real situation, He Xue would definitely not believe it.


He Xue shook his head. "I didn't see you have this Epee just now."

Leaf dust hears speech secretly a smile, he didn't expect this river snow suspicious fall ill is very heavy.

"In fact, that's what happened." Ye Chen said to the river snow.

With that, he put the Juxing Epee on his back.

River Snow see leaf dust do not say, she also did not continue to ask.

They began to enter Beimen town.

Beimen town was originally a small town.

After the fierce animal unrest broke out, Beimen town was occupied by fierce beasts.

Just entered Beimen Town, dozens of black iron snakes found them.

Hiss, hisses!

I saw dozens of fierce black iron snakes flying towards them.

These dozens of black iron snakes, whether it is leaf dust or river snow, can easily eliminate them, their faces naturally will not appear the slightest fear of fluctuations.

He Xue knows Ye Chen is here to kill the fierce beast, and she doesn't do it.


All of a sudden, ye Chen took down the Juxing Epee on her back and fiercely chopped at dozens of black iron snakes.

The sword light, which was formed by a weapon talent, suddenly burst out from the Juxing epee. It cut dozens of black iron snakes in half.

After all, the black iron serpent is just a second-order beast.

Weapon talent?!

It's hard to stay by the side of the river.

She was the first genius in the North District, and her background was amazing, but she had never seen anyone like Ye Chen.

She even felt that ye Chen's talent was much more terrible than her.

Speaking of Ye Chen

How did she feel that the name seemed to have been said to her, but she couldn't remember who had said it to her.

Leaf dust and river snow began to look for the black iron snake.

Before long, they found countless black iron snakes interwoven with each other. There were thousands of them.

If there is a dense phobia, to see such a scene, not to be scared to death is not much less.

Hiss, hisses!

Obviously, thousands of black iron snakes have also found Ye Chen and He Xue.

Suddenly, the thousands of black iron snakes pounced on them.

Although the black iron snake is only a second-order fierce beast, it can be condensed together, but it is like a tiger down the mountain and a dragon into the sea.

He Xue looks at Ye Chen. She wants to see how ye Chen will choose to deal with it. After all, there are more than 1000 black iron snakes.

Even if she is not careful, she may die.

He Xue found that ye Chen raised the Juxing Epee in his hand.

"Collapse God Split To Cut

The Juxing Epee falls down.

I saw that countless swords attacked from the Juxing epee.

The dilapidated houses were all cut apart from each other and were shocked.

These black iron snakes, of course, are not as good as the armored wolves in the source base city.


The location of thousands of black iron snakes made a violent noise.


Looking at the scene, the river snow can not help but gape.

She swallowed and spit because thousands of black iron snakes were killed by one blow.

What's more, the chopping strike just made by Ye Chen

Think of here, the pupil of river snow is fierce a shrink.

Tianjie Martial arts?

She quickly looked at Ye Chen, but found that ye Chen's face was as calm as water, as if nothing had happened at all.

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