I Copy Talents | Chapter 549 | Elementary Beast King Grade Fierce Beast Steel Armor Man King

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Chapter 549 Elementary Beast King Grade Fierce Beast Steel Armor Man King

 "Ye Chen, you Did you just use the sky level skill? "

River snow looks at leaf dust, her face already incomparably curious.

"Well." Ye Chen nodded.

He Xue's whole body was shocked. Of course, she didn't expect that there was such an extraordinary talent as ye Chen in the North District, and she also had the skills of Tian level martial arts.


She didn't understand where ye Chen's Tianjie martial arts came from. It's very precious and terrible to know.

After ye Chen killed more than 1000 black iron snakes, there are more than 2000 black iron snakes in Beimen town.

He killed the remaining black iron snakes without any effort.

However, the real dragon body is still the fourth layer.

Ye Chen can't help being a little boring.

"Miss Hexue, is there any place where fierce animals gather?"

He asked, looking at the snow in the river.


He Xue was surprised at the speech. She didn't expect Ye Chen to go to the gathering place of fierce animals. She was very clear about the purpose of Ye Chen's going to the gathering place of fierce animals.

"Ye Chen, do you still want to kill fierce animals?"

River snow looked at the leaf dust with some fright.

"Well." Ye Chen nodded.


Just when he Xue wanted to say something, a terrible fierce beast roared into her ears.

She immediately followed the voice and looked at it.

"Junior fierce animal emperor, steel Mantis emperor!"

The river snowed.

Ye Chen didn't expect the existence of a fierce beast emperor in this small town of Beimen.

See the primary fierce beast emperor steel armor, mant emperor fierce to leaf dust and river snow hit.

This steel Mantis emperor is tall and has two arms and a right knife. It looks very frightening.

"Ye Chen, the steel Mantang emperor is equivalent to the three-star war emperor, we are not rivals, run quickly!"

The river snow shouts to the leaf dust.

However, the leaf dust is not moving like a clock standing in place, his face also appeared a touch of wonderful color.

"Isn't it just a little Mantis that needs to make such a fuss?" Ye Chen said to the river snow beside him.


River Snow dream also did not expect that leaf dust has been arrogant to this kind of hopeless situation.

She only thinks Ye Chen is crazy. She must be crazy.

The primary fierce beast emperor steel armor mant real horse is about to reach Ye Chen and River Snow's body!

River Snow quickly retreated dozens of meters, she found that the leaf dust is still in place.

"Ye Chen, you are not..."

River Snow words have not spoken, see steel armour mant emperor's sharp arms, has toward the leaf dust fierce strike down.

At this time, if she can't see the dust, she will feel more crazy.

Just because of the leaf dust at the moment, his face with a smile.

In this life and death moment, it's so brave to be able to laugh.

He Xue knew that ye Chen would not have any chance to live, and her face showed a sigh of regret.

At this moment, she only felt a flash of cold in front of her eyes!

She looked at it in a hurry.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. I'm scared out of my wits.

Only because, the junior fierce beast emperor steel armor mant emperor has been divided into two parts!

This How is that possible?

River Snow's eyes opened several times larger than usual, and her mouth was also wide, and could not fall down for a long time.

She felt a flash of cold light in front of her eyes. She didn't see how ye Chen did it. The steel armour mant emperor, a fierce beast of the first rank, was gone?


The pupil of River Snow fiercely shrinks, this steel armour Mantis emperor is killed by a blow to second?

Here, the cold sweat river.

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