I Copy Talents | Chapter 550 | Cloud City

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Chapter 550 Cloud City

 In the eyes of river snow, leaf dust is too terrible.

Even the primary beast king level fierce beast, can kill with one blow.

You know, the steel Mantis emperor is the three-star war emperor of human warriors.

She used to think that she and ye Chen's strength are similar, but now it seems that there is an insurmountable gap.

"Let's go to the next beast gathering place."

Leaf dust walked to the river snow side, said to the river snow.

River Snow smell speech this just returned to God.

"Ye Chen, you Can you tell me what Star Wars you are

The river snow at the moment, for the realm of leaf dust, is too curious.

"Four star war emperor."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Four four four Four star war king?

River snow for a while, do not know how to speak.

She thought that ye Chen was one or two years older than her, but she became a four-star war emperor.

For a moment, the River Snow's previous sense of superiority collapsed.

At the same time, she feels that all the young people in the northern district are extremely ridiculous in front of her.

But now she was in front of Ye Chen, she felt that she was ridiculous.

All of a sudden, she couldn't help thinking of her grandfather Hetu's saying to her:

"a strong man has a strong hand, and a mountain is still high."

Ye Chen was silent for a few seconds. He suddenly asked, "you should be a royal family?"

River Snow smell speech a startle, Yu Rong on astonishment unceasingly rise.

"You How do you know that? "

River snow looked at the leaf dust with consternation.

"What's so strange? Your surname is river."

Today, the Lord of the Dragon Kingdom, River night!

River Snow thinks is also, leaf dust asks a word when just guess, she feels oneself is some sensitive really.

"Yes, my family is in the North District. You should have heard of my grandfather. His name is Hetu. He is the emperor's uncle."

He Tu Ye Chen of course knows that the first martial artist of the Dragon Kingdom met at the time of the three tricks gate, and his impression of Hetu is not bad.

After all, Hetu told him about the supreme temple.

City of the world!!!

"Now gather us to the next beast."

Ye Chen said to the river snow.

River Snow Zheng Zheng Zheng, she thought to tell her true identity to Ye Chen, ye dust will be shocked.

But where did she think that ye Chen's face did not appear any shock wave ah.

Immediately, the river snow with leaf dust rushed to the next fierce beast gathering place.

River Snow tells Ye Chen that the next gathering place of fierce beasts is in Yunshi.

Cloud City used to be a medium-sized city, but now it has become the home of fierce animals.

"Ye Chen, I seem to hear that there are evil organizations studying in cloud market recently."


Ye Chen has some doubts, "you said that the cloud market is fierce, what to study."

"They studied how to make the beast work for them."

The river snow answers.

Ye Chen hears the speech and understands it.

"By the way, I also heard that there are a lot of Yuanshi in Yunshi, but that's a thing in the past. I don't know if we can make a small fortune if we go there."

He Xue said again.

Meta crystal is extracted from the Yuan Stone, a yuan stone price is extremely expensive.

After more than an hour's long journey, leaf dust and river snow finally arrived outside Yunshi.

Just when the river snow is ready to go in, ye Chen is holding her.

"Wait a minute."

River snow a Zheng, don't understand what leaf dust is, look at Ye dust doubtfully.


Ye Chen only said two words, then he took the River Snow's hand and hid.

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