I Copy Talents | Chapter 551 | He Xue Looked At Ye Chen Like A Monster

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Chapter 551 He Xue Looked At Ye Chen Like A Monster

 River snow only felt a blank in her head, she even forgot the word "someone" said by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen You took her hand?

From childhood to adulthood, she had never been pulled by anyone except the family.

At the moment of Ye Chen pulling her hand, she just felt an electric shock all over her body. She really didn't know how to say that.

"What's the matter with you?"

Leaf dust felt the strange river snow, after looking at the river snow, it was found that river Snow's face had turned red.

"You Can you stop pulling my hand? "

River Snow said to the leaf dust.

Finish saying, she then embarrassed low head.

Ye Chen understood why he Xue blushed. He thought that although he Xue was a favored girl, he was only a little girl after all.

After he let go of the river snow, a dozen men appeared.

All the men were dressed in black robes and their faces were painted with various colors. They didn't look like good people.

"They are members of the black snake evil organization."

The river snow suddenly whispered to the leaf dust.

Although Ye Chen has not heard of any black snake evil organization, he knows that the ten men in front of him must not be his opponents.

"Let's follow."

Ye Chen said.

River Snow nodded, two people quietly followed up.

What ye Chen didn't expect was that the more than ten men had a special passage, and they didn't meet a fierce beast along the way.

Before long, an abandoned factory appeared in front of leaf dust and river snow.

A dozen men walked into the abandoned factory.

At the gate of the abandoned factory, there are also more than a dozen men guarding the gate, all with special guns in their hands.

"What to do?"

River snow looked at the leaf dust.

The dozens of men guarding the gate of the abandoned factory will not be their rivals. River snow only waiting for ye Chen to speak, then she jumped out, resulting in more than a dozen men's lives.

About river snow in mind, ye Chen has already seen through.

Naturally, he would not, because it would probably frighten the snake. He also wanted to see what hidden secrets were in it.

"Let's go to the roof of this abandoned factory."

Ye Chen whispered to the river snow.

River Snow smell speech nodded.

Both of them are warriors at the rank of emperor of war. Naturally, they can go up and down, and the land is flying. If you want to make no sound, it is too simple.

When she got to the roof of the abandoned factory, she found that although the factory was abandoned, the roof was tight and solid, and she couldn't see what was inside.

"Ye Chen, let's break in."

The river snow whispered to the leaf dust.

Leaf dust a smile, "not urgent."

As the sound fell, he put up a finger.

River Snow Leng Leng God, she some don't understand leaf dust upright finger why, is it ready to pierce this steel layer?

As expected and she thought, Ye was really ready to do so.

See leaf dust with the finger up fiercely stabbed down, the finger does not attach any element force.

But, broken!

And nothing has been said.


River snow looked at such a scene, she could not help but be shocked.

Body art Warrior?!

She knew that only physical and martial arts could do that.

If she has yuan force attached to her finger, she can also pierce it, but you should know that ye Chen's finger has no attached yuan force at all!!!

For a moment, the river snow looked at the leaf dust like a monster.

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