I Copy Talents | Chapter 552 | Abandoned Factory

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Chapter 552 Abandoned Factory

 "Ye Chen, are you a martial arts player?"

River snow looked at the leaf dust in horror.

"Did you see that?"

He was still thinking of the snow.

He Xue's grandfather, he Tu, is a martial artist. Of course she can see it.

They did not continue the topic, and looked into the abandoned factory.

However, to their disappointment

There is nothing in the abandoned factory.

When ye Chen thought of it, there must be some secret door.

He shook his head in secret, thinking about what he was installing. He was afraid to frighten the snake. It would have been nice if he had broken in directly according to the river snow.

"Break in."

Ye Chen said faintly.

River Snow nodded, two people will directly break into the top!


They went to the abandoned factory.

There was such a movement, the abandoned factory outside the door of a dozen men holding automatic rifles are naturally heard, they rushed in to check.

"You Who are you? "

More than a dozen men were shocked.

"No talent."

"No talent."

"No talent."

More than a dozen men have no cultivation talent, which means they are not martial arts.

Ye Chen laughed to himself. No wonder he took the gun.

At the moment, more than a dozen men looked at each other. They could not understand how ye Chen and river snow appeared on the top of the factory, and then broke into the top.

Suddenly, a man's face was extremely cold.

"We are members of the black snake evil organization. Do you want to die?"

With that, more than a dozen men pointed their automatic rifles at leaf dust and river snow.

Automatic rifles are specially made, and the bullets are also specially made, which has great lethality to ordinary warriors.

In their opinion, ye Chen and He Xue are very young, so they can't be powerful warriors. Therefore, they all think that ye Chen and He Xue are dead at this time.

"Tell me, your purpose!"

This small head eye stares at leaf dust and river snow to ask a way.

"Do you think," Ye Chen's face appeared a touch of fun, "we will tell you?"

"Of course

"Oh? I want to hear why. "

Ye Chen has some doubts. He doesn't understand where the man's courage comes from.


Ha ha ha ha!

The little leader burst into laughter, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

"Because we have so many guns aimed at your heads!"

The smile of the small head suddenly stopped, and his eyes showed a fierce light, "just need my order, your head will blossom!"

When ye Chen heard the speech, he understood.

"But you know, I hate one thing in my life."

"What's the matter?"

Ye Chen thought, "I hate people pointing to my head."

As the voice fell, ye Chen urged the Tianjie intermediate martial arts skill tianmiserable lingbu, but in an instant, he arrived in front of more than a dozen men.

Ah, ah, ah!

Suddenly, a frightening scream suddenly appeared.

In addition to the small head of a dozen men, all fell to the ground, their eyes wide open, face ferocious, as if they had seen something before death that could never be seen.

This, this, this

Small leader saw such a scene, can not help but paralyzed on the ground, where he has seen this ah.

"Tell me, what are you doing here?"

Ye Chen looks at the little leader.

The little leader didn't dare to say anything. He quickly told everything he knew.

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