I Copy Talents | Chapter 553 | Below The Abandoned Factory

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Chapter 553 Below The Abandoned Factory

 The little leader told ye Chen everything he knew. After that, ye Chen understood everything.

The black snake evil organization is really studying a kind of medicine that the fierce beast can use for them.

The test site is under the abandoned factory.

"My Lord, I, I, I I have told you everything I know. Please spare my life

The little leader shivered and looked at the leaf dust in horror.

"Guess," Ye Chen said with a smile, "will I let you go?"

The whole body of xiaotoumu was shocked when he heard the speech.



Ye Chen smiles.

This is the last smile the little leader saw before he died.

See leaf dust a palm to clap on the head of small head head head, skull of small head breaks up suddenly, where still have a bit of vitality.

"Ye Chen, let's go."

River Snow said to leaf dust, her white face even appeared a touch of excitement.

Ye Chen shook his head secretly. He thought that the river snow was still a lord who was afraid that the world would not be in disorder.

Then, they opened a secret door on the ground, and a dark passage appeared in front of them.

After entering the dark channel, ye dust and river snow heard the roar of fierce beasts.

He was slightly stunned, thinking that the sound insulation effect was good, and there was no sound of fierce animals on it.

"There are people there."

He Tu whispered to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked, as expected, several men came into his view.

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent information of several men appeared on the retina of leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, do you want us not to frighten the snake with grass," He Xue looked at Ye Chen, "or give them a golden wind without moving the cicada's premonition and secretly plotting against impermanence and death."

"Go straight there."

Ye Chen said.

Through his observation, the people here should have no powerful warriors, there is no need to do anything.

River Snow smell speech nodded.

They walked over.

"Damn it, it's a terrible cry."

"It's not hard to say."

"Elder brothers, bear with it. As long as we study the medicine, the world will be ours."

Several men were talking when leaf dust and river snow appeared in front of them.


One man said.

Several men are three-star general, they are all on guard.

"Are you..."

Several men thought that since they were able to come in, it might be the people of the black snake evil organization. The number of the black snake evil organization was large, so there were people they didn't know.

Thinking of this, a man asked Ye Chen:



Ye Chen was a little stunned.

Immediately he was relieved. He thought it must be a secret code.

But it's light. Is it

Ye Chen looked at the man and slowly said three words:


A few men smell speech to grow a breath, carry in the heart of the throat also fell down.

"You can go in."

A man said to leaf dust and river snow.

Ye Chen laughed to himself, thinking that it would be OK. It was really no one.

But He just wanted to have a try. The people who should be killed still have to be killed.

"We have to take you to a place before we go in."

Ye Chen said to several men in front of her.

Several men were stunned. They didn't understand what ye Chen meant.

"Where is it?"


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