I Copy Talents | Chapter 554 | He Xue Shot

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Chapter 554 He Xue Shot


Several men heard the words and exclaimed. They did not expect Ye Chen to say such words in any case.

But before they had time to ask questions, ye Chen slapped each of them on the head.

Several men fell to the ground, and life disappeared from the world forever.

"What's the matter, go out and have a look!"

Suddenly, dozens of men in black robes ran out.


A man who looked at the leader looked at the corpse on the ground, and his face turned angry.

"Did you do it?"

The man dead to leaf dust and river snow asked.

"Name: Yang er."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent."

"Realm: Nine Star War general."

The rest are low to medium talent.

"Ready to say, I did it."

Ye Chen opened his mouth slowly to Yang er.

Yang Er sneered, "you can enter inside, or have some skills, the people above should have been killed by you?"

Ye Chen and He Xue didn't speak because they all knew that Yang er must have returned my words.

As expected, Yang Er then said to them:

"but you just stop here. How many lives do you have against our black snake evil organization

Yang er's face was full of sarcasm.

Leaf dust smell speech and river snow look at each other, then they all smile.

"You Can you still laugh? "

Yang ER was stunned, not only he, but also dozens of men behind him. He had never imagined that ye Chen and He Xue could still laugh.

"What can't we laugh at? You said that you are a small nine star general, why do you pretend to force us in front of us?"

The snow white face of the river was ironic.

"Ye Chen, these crooked melons and split dates will be handed to me, one by one with dog's head and Toad face. I don't know that they are individuals."

River snow looks at leaf dust to say.

"Yes." Ye Chen nodded.

Br: > < BR, where can he bear to kill a few dozen men

Dozens of men rushed towards the leaf dust and river snow.

He Xue is a star wars emperor, with five phase talent and divine power talent.

In other words, her power is terrible!

I saw the river snow waving several fists, each fist is whistling and hanging wind!

Dozens of men fell to the ground in just a few seconds.

How can it be!!!

Looking at such a scene in front of him, Yang Er couldn't help but lose his color.

"What was your strength just now?"

River Snow disdains to look at Yang Er, "a small nine star war general, the firefly light also dares to contend with the sun and the moon, really do not know the so-called!"

Yang ER was scared out of his wits at this time, and he quickly stepped back.

"Want to run?"

River snow a fist, Yang er's body was hit hollow in.

Ye Chen looks at the scene in front of her, thinking of this violent girl, can she marry out in the future.

"I don't blow the leaf dust."

River snow looked at the leaf dust, as if to show off his record.

She has now completely let go, compared with the previous formality, just as and ye Chen have known for a long time.

"Not bad."

Ye Chen said.

River Snow smell speech Du mouth, it is obvious to leaf dust this promise is not very satisfied.

She walked forward in a huff.

Ye Chen has some doubts, thinking that he did not say lies.

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