I Copy Talents | Chapter 556 | The White Flame In Ye Chens Hand

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Chapter 556 The White Flame In Ye Chens Hand

 She thinks, leaf dust is really too terrible!!!


Ye Chen said slowly.

The roar of the fierce beast came from the front of the door. He thought that as long as he opened the door, he could see everything he wanted to see.

Then he opened the door.

Just opened the door, a light came out of the door, and everything in the door completely reflected into the eyes of leaf dust and river snow.

There are innumerable cages in the door. All the cages are fierce animals.

And dozens of people in research suits are doing a kind of research.

When they saw Ye Chen and He Xue, they were stunned and didn't understand why Ye Chen and He Xue came in.

They don't know that the enemy is snow and leaf.

After all, they can't believe that ye Chen and He Xue can come here, and they are not members of the black snake evil organization.

"What are you doing here?"

A man came over and said vigilantly to the leaf dust and river snow.

"There's only one thing here."

"What's the matter?"


When this was said, dozens of people were shocked and could not return to their senses for a long time.

But when they react, it's already late.

Because ye Chen has already punched out.

Ye Chen's fist is amazing.

These people, there will be no possibility of survival.

With just one punch, dozens of men fell to the ground.


The fierce beasts all grinned at Ye Chen and He Xue, as if they could get rid of the cage and eat ye Chen and He Xue.

"Ye Chen, what about these fierce beasts?"

River snow looks at leaf dust to ask a way.

"Burn it."


River Snow spread out her hands, a purple flame appeared in her hands.

Just as she was about to do it, the expression on her face had solidified, as if she had seen something that would never have been seen.

A flame also appeared in the palm of the leaf dust.

It's still a flame, and off-white!!!

River Snow's eyes are wide open, she knows the white flame, in addition to the divine fire, the white flame is the most powerful flame in the flame!

She did not even dream that ye Chen would have a white flame.

This man How terrible is it!

She couldn't imagine it.


All of a sudden, the white flame in the hands of the dust came out, and the whole room was immediately burned.

And the leaf dust has come out with the river snow.

Before long, they were on the ground.

"Ye Chen, do you think we have done a good thing?"

After hearing the speech, ye Chen pondered for a few seconds. He looked up at the sky at a 45 degree angle and spoke slowly:

"who knows?"

River snow looked at the front of this slightly emaciated figure, do not know why, her heart a burst of deer ran into.

"I wonder why I am like this?"

River Snow said to herself, she was very confused.

"Ye Chen, let's go back now, or the black snake evil organization will know about it. If we are still here, we will be miserable."

"Is the black snake evil organization strong?"

Ye Chen looks at the river snow.

He thought that he Xue had already known that he was the four-star war emperor, but he still said such words to prove that the black snake evil organization was very strong, but he did not know the specific.

"Very strong, their leader is a warrior!"

The river snow answers.

Zhan Zun?!

Ye Chen was a little surprised.

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