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Chapter 557 Army Of Beasts

 Ye Chen thought of the black snake evil organization is very strong, but unexpectedly so strong.

Is the leader a warrior?

"The leader of the black snake evil organization is Lei Qiang. He is a star wars Zun. He also has the four war emperors of gold, silver, copper and iron. They are all eight star war emperors."

"In fact, there seems to be no warrior at the imperial level."

He Xue continued.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting the random treasure box. "

The sound of the system suddenly appears in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen is happy, thinking that this luck has come. It's hard to stop it.

Without much thought, he opened the random treasure box he got.

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the magic speed potion x1."

Looking at the things in the random treasure box, ye Chen's face can not help but appear a touch of ignorance.

He originally wanted to leave the cloud market, after all, he could not make fun of his life, but now, it is necessary to leave?

He took a look at the introduction of the divine speed potion:

"after use, it can increase the speed by 500% for 10 minutes."

He thought that with this potion, who could catch up?

"Don't go. Let's clear the fierce beasts in cloud market first."

Ye Chen said to the river snow.

River snow a startle, she naturally did not expect leaf dust to say such words.

"But ye Chen, if the support of the black snake evil organization comes, we..."

River snow did not finish speaking, but looked at the leaf dust, the next meaning is self-evident.

"It's OK. I can get out of it."

"Well, that Then I won't go. "

Leaf dust smell speech secretly sighed a tone, he also did not know River snow has fallen in love with him.

He thought that if the people from the black snake evil organization really came, he would carry the river snow and use the divine speed potion. There would be no problem for him to escape.

They began to look for the fierce beast.

Yunshi is much bigger than Beimen Town, and there are more fierce animals in it.

Five thousand armored wolves, three thousand armored rhinoceros, and three thousand phantomus.

These fierce animals are all low-level fierce animals.

Ye Chen takes off the back of the Juxing epee and begins to kill the fierce beast.

Where are these fierce beasts Ye Chen's opponents? The whole cloud city began to scream.

"My God, many fierce beasts!"

The river snow suddenly exclaimed.


The ground was shaking.

Ye Chen looked, and found that countless armored rhinoceros and armored wolves, as well as the fierce beasts of Xuandi demon insect rushed towards here.

"Did you kill too many ferocious beasts and arouse people's anger?"

River snow looked at the leaf dust in amazement.

"It's OK."

Leaf dust a smile, gave River snow a reassuring look.

Then, he shook the Juxing Epee in the handshake, slightly shocked!

All of a sudden, the power of five phases, the power of storm and thunder and lightning appeared on the Juxing epee.

Originally plain, the Juxing Epee has become colorful and dazzling.


River snow looking at such a scene, can not help but regress a few steps.

Her eyes were opened several times larger than usual.

Even if she wants to break her head, she will not think that ye Chen has so many terrible talents.

This, this, this Is it still human?

River snow at this time where can still speak ah, her whole body is even unable to stop shaking.

"Collapse God Split To Cut

Ye Chen cut out with a blow.


All of a sudden, countless swords interweave with the power of all kinds of terrible talents.


A violent explosion came.

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