I Copy Talents | Chapter 560 | God Level Speed Potion

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Chapter 560 God Level Speed Potion


Ye Chen's fist was fierce, which was frightening.

I saw a force as terrible as this to attack dozens of people.


Ah, ah, ah!

Suddenly, dozens of people were hit hard, just like a mountain hitting them.

With the scream of dozens of people, their lives disappeared in this world forever.


Tiesi was stunned. He didn't expect such a scene in any case.

"How can you be so strong?"

Tiesi looks at the leaf dust.

Ye Chen did not speak, he knew that he was not the opponent of the fourth iron.

He Xue also stayed in the same place. Of course, he didn't expect that ye Chen could kill dozens of warriors of the black snake evil organization with one punch.

In her opinion, ye Chen is really terrible.

A moment later, tiesi came to his senses. He looked at Ye Chen coldly and said slowly:

"boy, although you are very strong, you must die today!"

Of course, tiesi has such confidence because he is the emperor of eight Star Wars.

River Snow smell speech, her white face appeared a touch of worry color.

Of course, she knows the terror of iron four.

She looked at Ye Chen again, but what she didn't expect was that ye Chen's face was still as calm as water.

It's like he's not afraid at all.

See leaf dust light looking at iron four, "do you really think can kill us?"

Tiesi is stunned when he hears his speech. Naturally, he doesn't understand the meaning of Ye Chen.

"Boy, where on earth did you get this confidence?"

Iron four extremely puzzled to look at the leaf dust.

Ye Chen did not answer.

He looked at the river snow, "I'll carry you."


River snow is surprised, she certainly does not understand the meaning of Ye Chen.

"Don't you understand what I mean? I'll carry you

The leaf dust opens slowly to the river snow.

It's not just River snow, but even tiesi's monks are confused.

Ye Chen knew he couldn't understand, so he forced the river snow on his back.

He Xue's face turned red again, just like a ripe red apple, which made people want to take a bite.

"I don't know!"

Tiesi snorted.

He decided not to wait any longer, ready to fight against Ye Chen and river snow.

Iron four to leaf dust and river snow suddenly a palm, this palm is really too terrible.

I saw Yuan Li's terrible palm attack, which was formed by the condensation of Yuan Li, slammed at Ye Chen and He Xue. The speed was very fast, but in an instant, he reached Ye Chen and He Xue.

"Use: Divine speed potion!"

When tiesi hits them, ye Chen has already used the divine level speed potion.

After using the divine level speed potion, ye Chen only felt that his speed had reached a terrible level.


Leaf dust and river snow disappeared in an instant.


Tie Si is surprised. He quickly rubs his eyes, because he thinks he must be wrong, but no matter how he rubs his eyes, the result is the same.

Leaf dust and river snow seemed to have never appeared at all, so they disappeared in front of his eyes.

Iron war emperor iron four rigid in place, for a long time did not return to God.


Leaf dust and river snow have reached a safe place. At this time the river snow just reacts, her white face is full of amazement.

"What the hell is going on here?"

River Snow staring at leaf dust, obviously want to get the answer from leaf dust.


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