I Copy Talents | Chapter 561 | Incomparable Desire For Strength

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Chapter 561 Incomparable Desire For Strength

 Ye Chen smiles calmly, his face is calm as water.

"Do you really want to know?"

He looked at the snow in the river.

He Xue nodded. Of course, she wanted to know that Mingming had just been in Yunshi. How could she suddenly arrive here.

"Because I used a potion that increased my speed."

River Snow smelled speech to be in a daze, where did she expect to have this kind of medicament.

This speed is too terrible!

"Ye Chen, you are so mysterious."

River Snow said to the leaf dust.

Leaf dust a smile, his face is very calm, "let's go."

With that, ye Chen walked towards a place.

River Snow Leng Leng God after, also quickly followed up.

Before long, they returned to the north side.

"Where are you going now, ye Chen?" River snow looks at leaf dust to ask a way.

"The alliance of the warriors." Ye said.

River Snow slightly one Zheng, "leaf dust, you are still the person of the Martial Arts Alliance?"

Ye Chen laughed, "I am not only a member of the wuzhe alliance, but also a special alliance envoy of the wuzhe alliance."

Ted League history?

The expression on River Snow's face seems to have solidified, can't speak for a long time.

"Ye Chen, are you really the Super League history of the warfighter alliance?"

Just because of what she thought.

After her grandfather came back from the three tricks gate, he said something to her.

Her grandfather told her that the warlord alliance, the special League envoy, was so terrible.

When ye Chen told her his name, she still felt familiar, but she couldn't remember who told her. Now she remembered.

"Ye Chen, do you know my grandfather

River snow suddenly asked to leaf dust.

"I think so." Ye Chen said slowly.

River Snow smell speech white face appeared a smile of joy, "that leaf dust, you go to my home, my grandfather came back from the three tricks door, also mentioned you."

"Sit down?"

Ye Chen thought for a moment, thinking or forget it, after all, there is nothing wrong with the three treasures hall.

Then he refused River snow.

River Snow smell speech, her face appeared a touch of loss.

"All right."

Finish saying, river snow left alone.

Ye Chen also returned to the warrior alliance.

He thought about the field, but he had a lot of harvest.

After all, he broke through to the five-star war emperor, and the real dragon body also reached the fifth level.

After coming to the alliance of warriors, he chose to rest for a few days, and then began to practice. The speed at which divine level talents absorb yuan power is really terrible.

It is comparable to the general practice of automatic hanging up, but it is too difficult to break through from the five-star war emperor to the six-star war emperor.

He felt that his strength was still too low after all, and he was no match for the black snake evil organization.

Not to mention the leader of the black snake evil organization, even if he is any one of the four war emperors of gold, silver, copper and iron, he is not an opponent, unless he breaks through to the six star war emperor.

Strength, strength!

Ye Chen is extremely eager for strength at this time!

"League history, you're back."

Secretary Lu Wei said respectfully to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

"By the way, Lord history of the alliance, the leader asked me to tell you that if you come back, you will go to his place."

Ye Chen is slightly stunned. He thinks that every time he comes back, the alliance leader will ask him to pass by. It's still interesting.

Then, he began to go to the main hall of the alliance.

After a while, ye Chen arrived at the hall of the alliance leader. He found Gao Yuan in the hall.

"Ye Chen, you are back."

Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, looks at Ye Chen with a smile on his face.

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