I Copy Talents | Chapter 562 | Refining Super Rage Pill

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Chapter 562 Refining Super Rage Pill

 "What can I do for you, my lord?"

Ye Chen looks at Gao Yuan.

Gao Yuan said with a smile, "Lord Hetu is going to have his birthday soon. Are you going? It's tomorrow. "

For the sake of Zheng ye, he didn't expect to call him Zheng Ye yuan.


Hetu's birthday, he thought that there was nothing wrong now, so he might as well go.

"Ye Chen, what kind of birthday present should we give to Lord Hetu?"

Obviously, Gao Yuan is asking Ye Chen for advice.

"This I don't really understand. "

Ye Chen said with a smile.

"Ye Chen, I heard from the people in the ice snow Silver Palace that you are still a pharmacist, aren't you?"

Gao Yuan looks at Ye Chen.

"Well That's right. "

Ye Chen felt that there was nothing to hide from him. He replied to Gao Yuan.

"Can you refine the rage pill?"

With the divine level medicine refining technique, ye Chen of course knows what the fury pill is, which can instantly double the strength of the human body. However, the side effect is that after the drug effect is over, there is no strength in 24 hours.

In short, rage Dan still has a certain role, in the critical moment can reverse the situation.

"It can be refined, but the fury pill has no effect. After all, it's for those who practice martial arts in the realm of Hetu."

Ye Chen thinks that Hetu has already become a star art battle Zun now, and double power has no effect on him at all. It is because the two star skill battle Zun is better than one star skill battle Zun, and I don't know how much better it is

so the rage pill is not very effective!

"But alliance leader, I can refine super rage pill."

Ye Chen suddenly said to Gao Yuan.

Gao Yuan is surprised, he looks at Ye Chen with consternation.

Super Rage Dan?

Although rage Dan and super rage Dan are only two words different, the effect is very different.

Only because the super rage pill can enhance the user's strength by 50 times, and if the pill color is good, there is no side effect.

"Ye Chen, can you really refine super rage pill?"

Leader Gao Yuan looks at Ye Chen with disbelief.

"Lord, do you think I'm joking?"

Gao Yuan looked at the expression on Ye Chen's face. He pondered for a few seconds, "OK!"

"Then you refine super rage pill!"

Gao Yuan just said that he had some doubts about whether ye Chen could refine super rage pills.

After all, rage pill is a fifth level pill, while super rage pill is a sixth level pill.

"Ye Chen, when are you going to refine it?"

Gao Yuan looks at Ye Chen and asks again.

"Now, there's nothing wrong now." Ye Chen said slowly.

"Then I'll send someone to prepare the medicine for you."

With that, Gao Yuan called a warrior to come in and asked him to prepare the medicine for refining the super violent pill.

Before long, the medicinal materials for refining the super violent pill appeared in front of Ye Chen.

Huanglongye, baihuaguo, icy water.

The furnace tripod also appeared in front of the leaf dust.

He put the three herbs into the cauldron, and then spread out his hands. A white flame appeared in his hands.

The leader Gao Yuan looked at the white flame in Ye Chen's hand. He was a bit stunned. Of course, he didn't expect Ye Chen to have a white flame.

Ye Chen What kind of genius is it?

Gao Yuan has been afraid to think about it.

Although Ye Chen's strength is very different from him now, he knows that it will not be long before ye Chen's name can ring through the entire imperial capital!

Later, ye Chen began to refine the super rage pill.

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