I Copy Talents | Chapter 563 | Hetu Birthday

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Chapter 563 Hetu Birthday

 In the eyes of ordinary pharmacists, it is absolutely difficult to refine.

But ye Chen is different. He has God level pharmacist and medicine refining talent.

Super rage pill is only the sixth level pill, which is too simple for him.

After a short period of more than ten minutes, ye Chen took back the white flame in his hands, and saw a medicine fragrance spread out from the stove cauldron.

Fragrance of Medicine?

Gao Yuan was surprised. Naturally, he knew that he had succeeded in refining the medicine. Otherwise, he would never have spread the fragrance of medicine.

Later, Gao Yuan quickly looked at the furnace cauldron.

A golden pill appeared in his eyes.

But this golden pill is pure gold!


Even Gao Yuan couldn't help but take a cold breath. He knew how precious the pure gold super rage pill was.

At the same time, he did not think that ye Chen could not only refine the super rage pill, but also be pure gold.

Previously, he thought that ye Chen was just joking.

But now, he was not only wrong, but also to the point where he could not be more wrong.

"Ye Chen, you really deserve to be the special League envoy of our wuzhe alliance."

Gao Yuan excitedly patted Ye Chen on the shoulder and said.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, but it is refining a six level pill, there is nothing to be excited about.

"Ha ha!"

Gao Yuan laughed twice again, "when he Tu's birthday, our Martial Arts Alliance will give Hetu's super violent Dan as a birthday gift. He tou will be very happy."

"Leader, I don't understand one thing. You are the Ten Star Warrior. Why is it called Lord Hetu? "

Ye Chen looks at Gao Yuan and asks.

Gao Yuan smelt speech and laughed, "Ye Chen, Lord Hetu is now the emperor's close uncle. Although he doesn't like those, if anyone provokes him, he is undoubtedly beating the emperor's face."


The leader of the Dragon Kingdom, the strong man of the war god level.

Although Ye Chen is also in the imperial capital, but the imperial capital is too big after all, just a North District is so big that it is astonishing, let alone other districts.

From Gao Yuan's mouth, ye Chen also understood something. He thought that Hetu should have moved from the imperial district to the North District. Otherwise, as a Hetu, how could he live in the North District.

"That's it. Tomorrow we'll go to celebrate Lord Hetu's birthday together." Gao Yuan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

He thought he had been invited to go by river snow before. He didn't go. He could not escape from the first day of junior high school. After all, he couldn't avoid fifteen.

Time flies.

In the next afternoon, Ye Cheng and Gao Yuan, as well as the four elders of the wuzhe alliance, went to Hetu's residence together.

Naturally, they took the special bus of the alliance of warriors. Soon they arrived at the residence of Hetu. They saw that the mansion of Hetu was huge and looked extremely luxurious.

In front of Ye Chen, there are countless luxury cars and countless warriors. These warriors are very powerful, and the lowest is the emperor of war.

"Heaven level talent."

"Heaven level talent."

"Heaven level talent."

The talent information of all warriors appears in Ye Chen's retina.

At the same time, ye Chen also saw ten palace masters of the ice snow Silver Palace, as well as important figures in the fire gate.

Next, it's time to start giving gifts.

All the major forces in the Northern District have come. Of course, they want to keep up with each other.


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