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Chapter 564 Present

 "One hundred year old ginseng of Li family in North District."

"A hundred year old golden elixir of Mo family in North District."

"A bright pearl of Tang family night in North District."


The housekeeper of Hefu began to read the gifts.

All the big forces who sent gifts showed a satisfied smile on their faces.

Next is the gift from the ice and snow Silver Palace.

Everyone looked at the housekeeper.

"Snow Silver Palace, a hundred year old red fire leaf!"


All of them gasped. Of course, they knew what a century old red fire leaf was.

After eating the red fire leaves for a hundred years, the warrior with fire talent can be promoted.

It seems that snow and Ice Palace knows that Hetu's granddaughter He Xue has the talent of fire department.

"It's the ice and snow Silver Palace. It's really a big deal."

"Yes, you know, ice snow Silver Palace is the super power in our North District."

"I don't know what the FireGate sent."

The crowd all whispered.

He Tu sat on the throne directly above, and his face also showed a happy smile.

River snow is not there, I don't know where to go.

"Fire door," said the housekeeper, "a rage pill."


All the people in Hefu were shocked when they heard this.

"Rage Dan?"

"Is it a rage pill that can double the power of users?"

"Of course, that's the rage pill, the fifth level pill."

Everyone looked at the housekeeper in the hands of the rage Dan, this is a light color of rage Dan, their faces all showed a touch of envy.

Fire gate people, their faces also appeared a touch of satisfaction, because they know this birthday gift, they are the leader.

All the people in the ice and snow Silver Palace got angry secretly. They didn't think that the fire gate actually sent out the rage pill.

"Good, good!"

He Tu is also very happy.

"Alliance of warriors..."

When the housekeeper of Hefu talked about the alliance of warriors, everyone was silent. They all wanted to know what kind of amazing gift the first force in the North District gave.

Even the fire gate crowd was silent.

I saw the housekeeper read aloud:

"martial alliance, a super rage pill."

How can it be!!!

All the people present exclaimed, and they looked at the housekeeper's super violent Dan.

Pure gold super rage Dan!!!

This, this, this

Quiet, the needle can be heard.

At this time, none of the people present dared to speak. They were really shocked.

You know, this is super rage Dan, and it's pure gold.

Naturally, they know the efficacy of super rage pill. After using it, it can increase the combat power by 50 times without any side effects.

Even the river map was shocked.

At the moment, all the people are looking to the wuzhe alliance. They think that the wuzhe alliance is indeed the first force in the northern district.

What a terrible gift to give!!!


Hetu saw the leaf dust, he naturally did not expect that the leaf dust will also come.

He knew that ye Chen was a member of the supreme temple. After that, he knew that ye Chen came here to give him face. He got up quickly and came over.

As we all know, Lord Hetu, this is a very valuable gift from the leader of the alliance of warriors.

But what everyone didn't think of anyway was that they were wrong.

It's just because he came to Ye Chen's body.

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