I Copy Talents | Chapter 565 | Liu Qianqian Shi Ling Is Here

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Chapter 565 Liu Qianqian Shi Ling Is Here

 He Fu people all look at Ye Chen with consternation.

It's just because they really don't understand why he came to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, it's very kind of you to come and celebrate my birthday."

He Tu said with a smile to Ye Chen.


As soon as this was said, all the people present were astonished, and their faces were as astonished as they could be.

They did not even dream that the grand Hetu adults would say such words to Ye Chen.

"It's normal. We should be friends." Ye Chen said slowly.


He was shocked when he heard the speech. He looked at Ye Chen in horror, "Ye Chen, you You Do you really think we are friends? "

"Isn't it?"

Ye Chen said.

It is Of course it is

He Tu said quickly.

"By the way, ye Chen, I already know about my granddaughter and you." He Tu said to Ye Chen again.

"She doesn't seem to be here." Ye Chen has some doubts. He thinks that his grandfather's birthday is not there? It can't be.

He Tu laughed, "she went to find a group of friends. She should be back soon."

All the people present looked at such a scene, they were all as rigid as the clay sculpture.

Even Gao Yuan, the leader of the wuzhe alliance, and the four elder guardians of the alliance, can't help but stay.

They didn't think that the relationship between Ye Chen and Hetu would be so good.

All of them stood up and looked at each other.

And the ice and snow Silver Palace and huomen people naturally know ye Chen, after all, ye Chen is now in their ancestral gate, and his reputation is really a little too big.

"Ye Chen, my granddaughter is here."

He Tu suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust smell speech along the voice to see the past, found River Snow and a group of girls came over.

This group of girls are very beautiful, and some of them, ye Chen actually know each other.

Liu Qianqian, Shi Ling and Hong Xue are all listed here.

The attitude of these girls is still very humble. After all, the people they can see are at least warlords.

"River snow, your home is really prosperous."

Liu Qianqian said to the river snow.

"Not bad."

River Snow White face is also a smile.


River snow suddenly surprised, because she saw leaf dust.

"The elder is here."

Say, river snow then toward the position of leaf dust quickly walked past.

A group of girls also followed the voice to see the past.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. All of you are a bit stunned.

They never thought that there would be such a beautiful person in the world.

"Leaf dust?"

Liu Qianqian, Shi Ling and Hong Xue all stayed.

Naturally, they did not expect that ye dust would appear in front of them.

Several people looked at each other, some looked at each other.

"Master, you are here."

River snow looks at leaf dust to say.

Leaf dust's face is very calm, he nodded, did not say much.

When he saw this, he could not help but feel gratified.

Naturally, he wanted to enhance the feelings of Ye Chen and river snow.

After all, ye Chen not only has an unparalleled background, but also has such terrible strength.

Even in the river map, we have never seen such a favored son as ye Chen.

Hetu knows that such a genius as ye Chen is rare in the whole world.

Leaf dust also saw Liu Qianqian a few people naturally, he walked slowly past.

"Where are you going, master?"

Behind the leaf dust came the sound of River Snow doubt.

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