I Copy Talents | Chapter 566 | Reenter Cloud City

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Chapter 566 Reenter Cloud City

 Liu Qianqian, Shiling and Hongxue see ye Chen coming to them, and they are all up and down.

"I didn't expect you and He Xue knew each other."

Ye CHENFENG's face shows a smile that makes people feel like spring breeze.

Liu Qianqian, Shi Ling and Hong Xue were stunned.

"Ye Chen, I didn't expect you to come too."

Liu Qianqian said to Ye Chen that her jade face also showed a smile.


River Snow naturally heard the dialogue between leaf dust and Liu Qianqian, and her white face was puzzled.

"You Do you know each other? "

River snow does not understand looking at leaf dust to ask a way.

Leaf dust a smile, "Qianqian is my girlfriend, how can I not know it."


Hearing this, He Xue was shocked.

She did not even dream that ye Chen would say such a thing.

"Qian Is Qianqian really your girlfriend

The snow white face of the river was unbelievable.

"Is there anything strange about it?"

Ye Chen asked in response to the snow in the river.

"No No

River Snow shook her head, and her face lost consciousness.

Next, it's time for the birthday party.

The birthday party of Hetu adults is naturally full of variety.

Birds in the sky, geese in the clouds, cattle and sheep on the ground, fresh in the sea.

It's just everything!

Before long, ye Chen was ready to eat.

Liu Qianqian looked at the leaf dust, "leaf dust, how do you know the river snow?"

Her face was full of doubts.

Leaf dust indifferent smile, then he and river snow in the Cloud City happened to say out.

"Oh, that's it."

Liu Qianqian smelled the speech and nodded.


After ye Chen returned to the warrior alliance, he began to practice madly.

It's too fast for God level cultivation talent to absorb yuan power.

Half a month later.

Ye Chen opened his eyes.


Ye Chen took a breath, thinking that it was the six star war emperor at last.

If he meets the iron war emperor again at the moment, the iron war emperor will not be his opponent.


There was a flash of brilliance on his face.

Does he think he should re-enter the cloud market?

Do what you say!

Immediately, the leaf dust will go to the cloud market.

Cloud City.

The fierce beast in Cloud City has been slaughtered by Ye Chen.

At this time, there is no fierce beast in the cloud market, even if it is not one.

Yechen has always been very lucky.

What he didn't expect was that he saw the black snake evil organization again soon after he arrived in Cloud City.

"Our research base was destroyed the other day."

"Yes Is it? "

"Not really. Now a new research base is still in preparation."

"Who have the courage to destroy our research base? I don't want to live."

The hearing of a warrior is excellent, not to mention Ye Chen, a warrior of imperial rank.

The dialogue between a dozen black snake evil organizations was naturally heard by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was not afraid of scaring the snake. He walked directly to a dozen men.

A moment later, he came to a dozen men.

A dozen men from the black snake evil organization were stunned. They rubbed their eyes one after another. Naturally, they didn't expect that a person would suddenly appear in front of them.

"Are you talking about the destruction of the research base?"

Ye Chen looked at a dozen men and said.

"Yes, how do you know?"

More than a dozen men are a little surprised, do not understand how ye Chen knows.

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