I Copy Talents | Chapter 567 | Far Away In Front Of You

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Chapter 567 Far Away In Front Of You

 "You, how do you know that?"

A man looks at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at a dozen men in front of her, their talent also appeared in the retina of Ye dust.

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

More than a dozen men are two-star generals, and one of the leading men is a five-star general.

At this time, more than a dozen men looked at Ye Chen, and they all wanted to know why Ye Chen knew about the matter they were discussing.

"I know who destroyed the research base."

Ye Chen said slowly.


Hearing this, more than a dozen men could not help but be shocked. In any case, they did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You You Do you really know? "

The head of the five-star war will look at Ye Chen asked.

"Of course."

Ye Chen's face is very calm.

"Who destroyed our research base?"

The five-star commander asked again.

"Far in the sky, near in front of you."

While speaking, ye Chen's voice is mixed with a touch of playfulness.


As soon as the words came out, more than a dozen men took a breath of air-conditioner and looked at Ye Chen with astonishment.

It is Did you do it? "

The five-star war general was shocked, not only he, but also a dozen men behind him.


Ye Chen nodded.

Ha ha ha ha!

However, the five-star general burst out laughing, as if he had met the happiest thing in history.

"Is there anything to laugh at?"

A look of doubt appeared on Ye Chen's face.

"Of course The five-star war general looked at Ye Chen sarcastically, "if I catch you, I can get the reward from the organization!"

More than ten men behind the five-star war general sneered at the words.

They thought that it was really a broken iron shoe with no place to find, and they had to work hard.

"Boy, are you holding your own hands?" Five star war will be very proud of looking at Ye Chen, "or let us do it ourselves."

"Ha ha."

Ye dust shook his head, he really did not understand why the five-star war general dare to say this to him.

Is Is it not good to live?

"In fact, when I appeared in front of you, you were already a corpse."

Ye Chen said slowly.


Hearing this, more than a dozen men from the black snake evil organization were shocked.

They certainly understand what ye Chen means, that is to say, all of them are not ye Chen's rivals.

"Boy, do you feel a little too good about yourself?"

Five star war general disdains to look at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust shook his head, "don't talk nonsense, come here quickly, let me kill you."

"You Say What What? "

More than a dozen men could not help but get angry.

"Boy, I wanted you to live a few more seconds. Since you don't want to live, I'll help you."

The five-star war general said coldly to Ye Chen.

The voice falls, the five-star war general behind a dozen men then toward the leaf dust rushed over.

In their opinion, ye Chen can't escape anyway!

It's a pity that they didn't expect to break their heads. Ye Chen actually thought of such a situation.

I saw, ye Chen raised his fist!


Ye Chen blows out with a fist.

In a flash, an invisible force of terror struck at more than a dozen men.

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