I Copy Talents | Chapter 568 | Someone Jumped Off The Building

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Chapter 568 Someone Jumped Off The Building

 This invisible force of terror looks so terrible that the space seems to be splitting.

More than a dozen men all felt the unprecedented terror, and they stopped one after another. Their faces were more frightened and then more frightened.

All they can do is wait for death!

Ah, ah, ah!

Suddenly, more than a dozen screams came into the ears of Ye Chen and the five-star general.

My God!!!

The five-star war general of the black snake evil organization was scared out of his wits at such a scene.

I saw that the five-star general's strength seemed to be drained by something, and his whole body was weak.

He was so frightened!

Ye Chen looked at the five-star general in front of him and said slowly:

"I said that since I appeared in front of you, you have been a corpse. Why don't you believe it

"Master, right..."

The five-star war general just wanted to kneel down to beg for mercy on Ye Chen, but he never had a chance to say so.

Because ye Chen has slapped his head in the past.

With a slap from ye Chen, the life of a five-star general disappears from the world forever.

The dust disappeared.

He thought that as long as he met the people of the black snake evil organization in Cloud City, a word was dry!


"What's going on?"

The iron war emperor, one of the four warlords of the black snake evil organization, coldly looks at a dozen corpses in front of him.

"If you go back to the war emperor, you should be killed."

Iron four smell listen to this speech, a slap heavy clap in the face of the man who talks.

"I don't know it was killed yet?"

"I asked if he was killed!"

The man who spoke was stunned directly, covered his face and looked at the iron war emperor iron four in terror.

"This, this, this Lord Zhan Huang, I don't know who killed it

The man's whole body could not stop shaking, because he had never seen the iron war emperor so angry.


Suddenly, iron four is a foot fiercely lifted in the man's stomach.

The man flew out in an instant.

I saw the man heavily hit the ground, he wanted to cry without tears up, thinking that this is the move who provoked who ah.

Directly now, he finally understood a truth.

That is, the gun can really hit the first bird, they have so many people, he must answer the iron war emperor's question!



"Search the cloud market for me!"

Iron war emperor iron four one order, all people are looking for up.

And ye Chen, at this time, is on a tallest building in Yunshi.

On the rooftop, he has the feeling of looking at all the small mountains.


Ye Chen suddenly sighed because he saw more than 30 men from the black snake evil organization appearing below.

Heaven has a way, you don't go, hell has no door, you vote.

Then, ye Chen jumped down from the roof of more than 50 floors!

"Look, someone has jumped out of the building!"

More than 30 men from the black snake evil organization looked up and were all stunned.

But then there was a wonderful look on their faces. They didn't know how many years they had not seen others jump.

Don't mention it. It's interesting!

I saw more than 30 men all went to a safe place, in case the dust would hit them.





More than 30 men were all counted.

When they saw the landing, they played.

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