I Copy Talents | Chapter 569 | You Will Be A Corpse Soon

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Chapter 569 You Will Be A Corpse Soon

 I saw the dust fall on the ground.


But what more than 30 men of the black snake evil organization did not think of in any case.

Ye Chen didn't fall to death!

It's standing in front of them.

At this time, the leaf dust, legs have stepped into the ground more than a meter deep, but his face is calm as water.

How can it be!!!

More than 30 leaders of the black snake evil organization were shocked to see such a scene.

Quiet, the needle can be heard.

These more than 30 men are afraid to speak, their hearts only endless shock.

"Are you shocked?"

Ye Chen glanced at more than 30 men in front of her.

More than 30 men looked at each other.

"You don't have to be shocked because you're going to die."

Ye Chen said faintly.

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent of more than 30 men all appeared in Ye Chen's eyes.

The more than 30 black snake evil organization men heard this, their pupil is fierce a contraction!

More than 30 men were stunned, thinking about ye Chen, and they were sentenced to death?

Is it possible that

Suddenly, more than 30 men all thought of a surprising possibility.

That is Ye Chen It's the one they're looking for!

At the thought of this, more than 30 men were shocked.

"You You just killed our black snake Gang? "

A man who is also a five-star general said to Ye Chen.

Iron war emperor tiesi gave them an order to search for it in Yunshi.

They thought Ye Chen had no ability to face them, but where did they think of

Ye Chen is so terrible!

Jump down from a high building with more than 50 floors, but nothing happened?

This, this, this It's not a dream, is it?

More than 30 men rubbed their eyes, but no matter how they rubbed their eyes, the result was the same.

"Yes, I just killed your black snake evil group."

Leaf dust light looking at the eyes of more than 30 men, "but I will kill you soon."


Hearing this, more than 30 men from the black snake evil organization could not help but be frightened. At this time, they really wanted to cry without tears.

"Come here and let me kill you."

Leaf dust to more than 30 men hook fingers, "don't hesitate, don't wait."

Hearing this, more than 30 men felt a chill from their soles to the heavenly cover.

Their faces were as frightened as they were.


Ye Chen a Zheng, "you don't come over?"

"Well, I'll go by myself."

The voice falls, the leaf dust sank into more than a meter deep body to pull out.

At this time, the leaf dust, just like a peerless demon.

More than 30 men from the black snake evil organization felt the sense of killing from ye Chen.

They even find it difficult to breathe.

Oh, my God!!!

Suddenly, a man yelled, ready to run for his life!

But when the man just took a step, ye Chen urged the sky level intermediate martial arts skill tiancanling to step in front of the escaping man.

"Are you ready to flee?"

"This This... "

The man was shocked, he did not think that ye dust would suddenly appear in front of him.


Ye Chen slapped the man's head in the past!

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