I Copy Talents | Chapter 572 | Iron War Emperor

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Chapter 572 Iron War Emperor

 See iron war emperor iron around the body, all have a terrible yuan force entangled.

When he rushed towards the leaf dust, a terrible yuan force swept over.

If they were ordinary warriors, they would be torn to pieces by the terrible yuan force.

It's a pity that ye Chen is not an ordinary warrior.

He has a real dragon body!!!

The real dragon body is just like the golden bell jar, iron cloth shirt and thirteen Tai Bao horizontal training in martial arts novels.

Fire and water do not invade if you can't be stabbed!

Of course, he did not dodge, allowing the terrible Yuan Li to hit him.

Tiezhan emperor tiesi is also a bit stuck. He didn't expect Ye Chen to hide.

But what he never thought of was that ye Chen It's okay?

You know, this is Yuanli!

Immediately, iron war emperor iron four can't help but stop to stop the pace, is very frightened to look at the leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, you...!"

At this time the iron war emperor iron four, where can still say a complete word to ah.

He had thought that ye Chen would never be his opponent. After all, he was the king of eight Star Wars.

But now, his intuition tells him that ye Chen is very strong.

"Come here," leaf dust is to iron war emperor iron four hook hook fingers, "don't hesitate, don't wait

Iron war emperor tiesi is one of the four emperors of the black snake organization. Where anyone dares to make such a provocative action against him, he can't help burning with anger.

"Ye Chen, I will tear you to pieces!"

With the iron war emperor iron four's one angry drink, his fist fiercely toward the leaf dust waved out.

All of a sudden, the Dragon formed by Yuan Li's condensation attacked the leaf dust fiercely, and the speed was like a strong wind.

Ye Chen smiles. He thinks that although he is only the six-star emperor of war, he has the talent of true dragon body and all kinds of terror.

Just eight star war emperor, but so!

Then, he also put up his fist, a fist toward the iron war emperor iron four in the past.


In a flash, an invisible terrorist force attacked the iron war emperor tiesi.

I saw two forces hit each other heavily.

However, the Dragon formed by Yuan Li suddenly disappeared.

And the invisible power of terror is still moving towards the iron war emperor.


Iron war emperor iron four looked at such a scene, can't help but shout.

He had no time to be too surprised, just because the invisible terror was about to come to him.


Iron war emperor iron four body shape dodges, dodges this invisible terrorist power attack.


All of a sudden, iron war emperor iron four body after a burst of startling sound.

Hearing the loud noise, the iron war emperor iron four can not help but be one of the shock.

He quickly turned back to look.

It is found that a house with more than 20 stories behind him has collapsed!


Looking at such a scene, iron war emperor iron four can not help but draw a cold air, for a long time can not say a word.

At this time, the cold sweat has already wet the whole body of iron war emperor iron four. He didn't think that ye dust was so strong.

It's terrible!

"I don't know why you're hesitating." Leaf dust light looking at iron war emperor iron four, "do you think that up to now, you can still live?"

Iron war emperor iron four surprised, he quickly looked at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what do you mean?"

Leaf dust a smile, "iron war emperor, you really have no difference with a stupid pig."

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