I Copy Talents | Chapter 573 | Unfortunately You Must Die

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Chapter 573 Unfortunately You Must Die

 "You You... "

At this time, iron war emperor iron four where can still say a complete sentence to ah.

"Ye Chen, do you really think you can kill me?"

Tiesi looks at Ye Chen.

"Shouldn't I think so?"

A smile appeared on Ye Chen's face.

Iron war emperor iron four looked at the smile on Ye Chen's face, but a chill came from the bottom of his feet to the sky cover.

He had some regret in his heart. If he had known that ye Chen was so terrible, he would not have provoked Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, our well water does not invade the river water!"

Iron war emperor tie Si stares at Ye Chen, "I am the war emperor of the black snake organization. I'll spare your life now. You go!"

Ha ha!

Leaf dust smell speech smile, he just think this iron war emperor iron four talk too funny a bit.

"If you spare my life, do you think I will?"

"What do you mean?"

Iron war emperor iron four look is a cold!

"It means that you have no way to heaven and no way to go to earth today."

When ye Chen said that there was no road to heaven and no door to the earth, her tone was specially accentuated.


As soon as ye Chen's voice fell, the sound of a broken wind appeared, leaving only a shadow in his place.

Iron war emperor iron four looked at the leaf dust that came flying, he was like a bolt from the blue!

"Yuan Ying Quan!"

Iron war emperor tiesi quickly raised his fists and cried out.

Yuan Ying Quan!

Sky level intermediate martial arts!

Suddenly, iron war emperor iron four's double fists, countless Yuan Li condensed into the fist toward the leaf dust.

Yuan Ying Quan is the last card of iron war emperor tiesi.

He thought Yuan Ying Quan should be able to defend Ye Chen's attack.

However, what he didn't think of was that ye Chen killed the fist shadow formed by Yuan Li with one sword.

How could it be!

Looking at such a scene, iron war emperor iron four can not help but exclaim.

I saw, leaf dust step by step toward the iron war emperor iron four came over.

Ye Chen's pace is very slow, but in the eyes of tiezhan huangtiesi, ye Chen is closer to the ghost gate with every step he takes.

Iron war emperor iron four all over the body can not stop shaking up, his face to be more frightened will have more panic.

"Ye Chen, there are some You have something to say, something to say. "

Iron war emperor iron four rushed to the leaf dust and said in a hurry.

Ye Chen's steps did not stop, he still came to tiezhan emperor level tiesi.

Iron war emperor iron four out of body!


Suddenly, iron war emperor iron four secretly made a decision, that is to escape!

Then, the iron war emperor, one of the four emperors of the black snake organization, was ready to flee.

However, ye Chen has announced his death, how can he escape?


Ye Chen's body shape flashed, prompting tiancanlingbu, an intermediate martial art skill of Tianjie, but in an instant he reached the front of tiezhan emperor tiesi.


Iron war emperor tiesi saw the sudden appearance of leaf dust, and his face was full of fear. Of course, he did not expect that ye dust would suddenly appear in front of his eyes.

"You, you, you..."

Iron war emperor quickly backward, a stagger, iron war emperor iron four fell on the ground.

His whole body's strength seemed to be drained by something, and he was weak and paralyzed.

"You don't want to die, do you?"

Leaf dust light looking at iron war emperor iron four.

Tie Si quickly nodded, "yes, yes I, I, I I don't want to die. "

"It's a pity that you must die."

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