I Copy Talents | Chapter 576 | Find The Three Demon Halberd

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Chapter 576 Find The Three Demon Halberd

 The leader Gao Yuan pondered for a few seconds. He looked at the river map.

"Mr. Hetu, what background does Ye Chen have

Gao Yuan is really curious. He Tu is the uncle of the emperor, but he is so respectful to Ye Chen.

The four elders also look at Ye Chen, just because they all want to know what background Ye Chen has.

"You don't know?"

He TU was stunned, thinking that ye Chen was the Super League envoy of your Martial Arts Alliance. You didn't know?

"We don't know."

Gao Yuan said.

He Tu Wen Yan looked at Ye Chen.

He found that ye Chen's face was as calm as water, so he put his heart down and said to Gao Yuan and the four elders of the League of protection:

"Ye Chen is the person of the supreme temple."


Hearing this, Gao Yuan and the elders of the four major league protectors were shocked to the point that their eyes were opened to the largest extent in history, and their mouths were open enough to swallow an extra large bowl.

Supreme temple?

Of course they know the supreme temple, which is the supreme power of the city of the world.

Compared with the supreme temple, it was a heaven, an earth.

For a while, Gao Yuan and the elder of the four big Protection League couldn't help gaping.

"Ye Chen, are you really from the supreme temple?"

The leader Gao Yuan still couldn't believe it and looked at Ye Chen.


Leaf dust nodded, his face is very calm.

Gao Yuan and the four defense alliance leaders looked at each other, thinking that there was such a great God in their Martial Arts Alliance, but they didn't know?

This, this, this It's terrible.

Now, they finally understand why Hetu should be so respectful to Ye Chen. It turns out that ye Chen has such an amazing background.

"I think the most important thing is to find the three magic halberds now."

Ye Chen said.

Gao Yuan and the four elders of the League of protection turned to God after hearing the words, and they nodded again and again.

"Don't worry, ye Chen. If we find the three magic halberds, we will give them to you."

Gao Yuan said excitedly to Ye Chen.

He originally wanted Ye Chen to carry forward the alliance of warriors in the imperial capital. Now that ye Chen is the person of the supreme temple, he is very happy.

"Hey, hey."

Hetu laughed, "let's see who finds the three magic halberds first."

With that, Hetu left and went on looking for the three magic halberds.

Gao Yuan and the elders of the four big league of protection also looked for them respectively.

Ye Chen also walked up.

He came to a place with craggy rocks, standing stones like knives and lying stones like tigers.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up!

Just because there was a magic halberd in front of him.

The magic spirit on the magic halberd is overwhelming. Is this Three magic halberds?

Ye Chen thought it was different from Hongshan.

This old boy

Ye dust shook his head, but also a disposable weapon, also seen from the weapon atlas.

"Ding! The three magic halberds

The sound of the system suddenly appears in Ye Chen's mind.


Ye Chen smiles and thinks that luck is coming. It's hard to stop it.

Without much thought, he went to the three magic halberds and pulled them out.

Suddenly, the sky began to cloud up, evil Qi also began to surge up.

All those who came to look for the three magic halberds knew that they had been found.

Ye Chen thinks that with this three magic halberd, he can fight with the Ten Star War emperor.


He has not yet revealed the three magic halberds.

After all, his strength in the whole imperial capital, is not too outstanding!

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