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Chapter 579 Three Wars Of Gold Silver And Bronze

 Ye Chen thinks that he has found the ancient magic soldier three magic halberds in the mountain of gale. Although he is only a six star war emperor now, with the three magic halberds, he can defeat a ten star war emperor.

The gap between the eight star war emperor and the Ten Star War emperor is too big, even if the other side has three eight star war emperors.

"Lord Zhan Huang, someone is coming!"

A man exclaimed.

As soon as this was said, everyone in the black snake evil organization looked at it.

They found that a very handsome young man was walking slowly towards them.

I saw that ye Chen was about 20 steps away from the black snake evil organization. He stopped.

"Boy, you won't tell you that you are the one who destroyed my black snake evil organization research base and killed the iron war emperor?"

Jin Zhan Huang, Jin Yi coldly stares at Ye Chen and says.

Ye Chen looks at Jin Zhan Huang Jin Yi, and he finds that Jin Zhan Huang Jin Yi's talent and hidden talent are good, but they are not very good.

Silver war emperor and copper war emperor are the same!

As for the hundreds of black snake evil organizations behind them, let alone their cultivation talents are pitifully low.

At this time, everyone looked at the leaf dust, and they wanted to see how the leaf dust would answer. They had been looking for the leaf dust for several days, but they had not found any trace.

Yes, I am

Ye Chen nodded.

Hearing this, gold, silver and copper three war emperors, their faces all appeared a touch of cold color.

"Since it's you, go down to accompany the iron war emperor."

Jin Zhan Huangjin's voice dropped, and hundreds of men from the black snake evil organization rushed to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, as if he didn't see anything at all.

When hundreds of men from the black snake evil organization approached him, he shook the hand of the Juxing Epee sword.

Suddenly, the Juxing Epee sword became dazzling.

Five phase talent, wind and rain, thunder and lightning, the four nature departments of natural forces, all appear in the Juxing epee.


The hundreds of men who came to Ye Chen were shocked to see such a scene. They did not expect Ye Chen to have so many terrible talents.

Ye Chen held up the dazzling Juxing epee.

"Collapse God Split To Cut

The high-level martial arts skill of Tianjie falls from the Juxing epee.


All of a sudden, countless terrible swords interweave with the talent power of terror and fly away.


Only heard a terrible sound spread out, hundreds of men rushed to the leaf dust, they have all fallen to the ground, has lost their only life.


When the emperor of the Third World War of gold, silver and copper looked at such a scene, they couldn't help being stupefied.

Ha ha ha ha!

Suddenly, King Jin Yi burst out laughing.

"No wonder you can kill the iron war emperor. It turns out that you have such terrible fighting power."

Gold war emperor, Jin Yi coldly looked at the leaf dust, "but now you are not facing the iron war emperor, but our gold, silver and copper three big eight star war emperor!"

Gold, silver and copper three war emperors all sneer at Ye Chen. In their eyes, ye Chen is a winger and can't escape.

"You, think," leaf dust light a smile, "why would I take the initiative to appear in front of you?"

The emperor of the Third World War of gold, silver and copper was surprised at this, because they had already thought of an amazing possibility.

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