I Copy Talents | Chapter 580 | How Can You Have The Three Devil Halberds

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Chapter 580 How Can You Have The Three Devil Halberds

 After a few seconds of astonishment from the three wars of gold, silver and copper, they came back to their senses and looked at Ye Chen.

"Boy, do you mean to beat us?"

Jin Zhan Huang Jin Yi stares at Ye Chen and says coldly.

But what the Emperor didn't think of during the three wars of gold, silver and copper was that ye Chen shook his head.


"What does that mean?"

Jinzhan huangjinyi's look has been cold to the extreme. As the head of the fourth World War emperor of the black snake evil organization, I don't know how many people respect him.

He has never been despised by people like Ye Chen. Of course he is angry!

The corners of Ye dust's mouth rose slightly, and a smile of evil charm was outlined on his face.

"It means I'm not going to beat you, I'm going to make you fall."


Hearing this, the emperor of the Third World War of gold, silver and copper showed a stiff expression on their faces and could not recover for a long time.

They would not even dream of it. Ye Chen dared to say so to them.

"Boy, it seems Are you confident? "

Jin Zhan Huang Jin Yi disdains to look at Ye Chen. Although he doesn't know why Ye Chen dare to be so arrogant, he knows that ye Chen is not weaker than him.

If he was the only one to face Ye Chen, he would be afraid.

But now

In addition to him, there were silver war emperor and copper war emperor. Naturally, he was not afraid.

Ye Chen thought about it for a while. He looked at the three big eight star war emperors not far away. "I heard that the gold, silver, copper, and iron emperor of the fourth World War, organized by the black snake evil organization, are very strong. Of course, I still believe it."

Speaking of this, ye Chen stopped talking.

"But I didn't expect that you all talk so much nonsense."

When the emperor heard the speech, he was furious.

"Together, kill this boy!"

Then, the three big eight star war emperor of gold, silver and copper all attacked leaf dust fiercely.

Ye Chen smiles coldly. He puts the Juxing Epee into the system space and takes the three magic halberds out of the system space.


Gold, silver and copper three big eight star war emperor, they looked at Ye Chen's hand three magic halberds, were all frightened.

See gold, silver and copper three war emperors have to stop the pace, greatly shocked to look at Ye Chen's hands of the three magic halberds.

"Ancient magic soldiers, three magic halberds?"

In any case, there will be no gold and silver war among the three emperors.

According to their news, the three magic halberds were born in Fengfeng mountain, but no one found it. How could it appear in Ye Chen's hands?!

A moment later, the gold, silver and copper war three emperors, their faces all appeared a touch of greedy color.

"Boy, I really didn't expect that," Jin Zhan Huang Jin licked his tongue, and the greedy color on his face showed a little bit more. "There's no place to look for when you're stepping on iron shoes. It's no effort to get here!"

Silver war emperor and copper war emperor, their eyes also burst into light.

We should know that the three magic halberds, which have been handed down by their emperors for a long time, have been born countless times, but they have disappeared countless times.

The news about the last three magic halberds was in the gale mountain. I didn't expect that the three magic halberds would be born again.

"Boy, if you want to live, give the three magic halberds in your hand, otherwise..."

King Jin Yi sneers at Ye Chen. He even feels that the three magic halberds are already in his bag.

"Ha ha."

A man of laughter, "will die."


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