I Copy Talents | Chapter 582 | Crazy Breakthrough

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Chapter 582 Crazy Breakthrough

 Shua Shua Shua!

Ye Chen, holding the three magic halberds, continues to attack the king of gold and the emperor of copper war.

With his three magic halberds, he was able to defeat or even kill a ten star war emperor, not to mention the ants such as the gold war emperor and the copper war emperor.

Before long, the king of gold war and the emperor of copper war fell under the three magic halberds.

"Breakthrough, seven star war emperor."

The sound of the system came into his mind.

Ye Chen was stunned. This

In this way, he broke through?

It's too fast.

Good things in pairs, ye Chen's face has no time to emerge a happy smile, the sound of the system again appeared in his mind.

"Congratulations to the host for a super treasure chest."

Super treasure chest?

Ye Chen's eyes are bright, he has not obtained super treasure chest for a long time, all are random treasure chest.

Without much thought, he opened the super treasure box:

"congratulations to the host for obtaining divine level martial arts skills, juechian magic spear!"

God level Martial arts?!

Ye Chen was shocked.

"Can you tell me if the host cultivates the divine level martial art juecheng magic spear?"


“10%…… 30%…… 60%…… 100%?”

"God level martial arts skills Jue Tian magic gun training completed."

The voice of the system dropped, and ye Chen's mind appeared the divine level martial arts Jue Tian magic gun.

There was a faint smile on his face.


"Congratulations on the host Zhenlong treasure body breaking through to the seventh level."


Take a breath of cold air from the dust.

It's a little too scary.

After a long time, ye Zhicai calmed down his mood.

He put the three magic halberds into the system space and walked out of the cloud market.

What ye Chen didn't expect was that today's event actually spread out.

However, he was relieved, thinking that someone should have gone to the Cloud City and saw the scene that was enough to frighten him.

For a moment, the whole North District knew.

They are talking about the killing of the black snake evil organization, the gold, silver and copper emperor of the Third World War and hundreds of men of the black snake evil organization.

At the same time, they are all guessing who did it.

"Ye Chen, that will not be..."

Gao Yuan looks at Ye Chen and intuitively tells him that it may be ye Chen who did it.

The four elders of the League of protection also looked at Ye Chen. After learning that ye Chen was the person of the supreme temple, their attitude towards Ye Chen became somewhat respectful.

"Er..." Leaf dust touched his head, "it's really me."


When Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, and the elders of the four major leagues heard the speech, their faces were shocked.

"Ye Chen, you won't tell me, did you do it alone?"

"Yes, I did it alone."

Ye Chen nodded.

When Gao Yuan and the elders of the four protecting League heard this, they were completely shocked and could not return to God for a long time.

Three days later.

The genius of ice and snow Silver Palace went to Cloud City and disappeared.

The ice and snow Silver Palace was furious. After guessing that it was the black snake evil organization, it immediately organized people and horses to go to the black snake evil organization.

For a while, ye Chen also went to the black snake evil organization.

Because, Liu Qianqian, now the eldest disciple of ice snow Silver Palace, she may have gone too.

All the way, ye Chen's face was gloomy.

He thought that the black snake evil organization had better not move Liu Qianqian, or he would let them all die without a burial place!

Finally, he arrived outside the headquarters of the black snake evil.

At this time, the top ten palace masters of ice snow Silver Palace have arrived.

When they saw Ye Chen, their faces were stunned.

"Ye Chen, why are you here?"

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