I Copy Talents | Chapter 592 | Breakthrough Nine Star War Emperor

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Chapter 592 Breakthrough Nine Star War Emperor

 Before long, all the members of the black snake evil organization were finished.

Now, the black snake evil organization Perish!

"Lord, come here for a moment."

Ye Chen said to Li Mengqing, the master of the ice snow Silver Palace.

Li Mengqing was stunned when she heard the speech. Naturally, she didn't know what ye Chen meant.

"What's up, ye Chen?"

The great palace Master Li Mengqing looks at Ye Chen in doubt.

"I hope, I have three magic halberd things, do not spread out."


After hearing this, she understood what she had said.

"Ye Chen, don't worry. I won't let them talk about it."

Li Mengqing, the great palace master, is afraid that ye Chen doesn't believe it, so he connects with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

Later, he went to Liu Qianqian.

"Qianqian, practice well."

"Well, I see."

Liu Qianqian nodded.

Immediately, the party left the black snake evil organization.

Before long, ye Chen returned to the alliance of warriors.

He began to practice crazily.

The speed at which God level cultivation talent absorbs yuan power is too terrible. It is almost equivalent to hanging up.

Three months later.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and wiped the sweat on his forehead and head, thinking that Kung Fu does not bear the responsibility of a new man. Finally, the nine star war emperor.

Yes, in only three months, he broke through from seven star war emperor to nine star war emperor, which is the charm of God level cultivation talent.

"Alliance envoy, the leader wants you to go."

Suddenly, a warrior came to Ye Chen's side and said respectfully to Ye Chen.

"I see."

Ye Chen got up and went to the hall.

Before long, ye Chen came to the hall.

He saw the leader Gao Yuan.

"Ye Chen, after three months of cultivation in seclusion, have you broken through to the seven star war emperor?"

In the eyes of alliance leader Gao Yuan, ye Chen's realm is still the six star war emperor.

"I'm already nine stars."

Ye Chen said slowly.


When Gao Yuan heard the speech, his whole body was shocked. The expression on his face seemed to have been frozen, and he could not recover for a long time.

"Ye Chen, you, you Have you broken through to the nine star war emperor

The leader Gao Yuan looks at Ye Chen in a daze. He can't think what kind of devil's cultivation speed Ye Chen is.


He thought that ye Chen had God level cultivation talent, and was relieved a lot.

After all, his cultivation talent is not God level cultivation talent. Naturally, he can't understand the horror of God level cultivation talent.

"What are you looking for me, ally?"

Ye Chen looks at Gao Yuan and asks.

When Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, heard the speech, he remembered the business.

"Lord Hetu said he wanted to see you. Would you like to go there?"

What do you want from Hetu?

Leaf dust pondered for a few seconds, and then nodded.

After that, he walked out of the alliance of warriors and went to Hefu.

Outside Hefu.


Several men from Hefu stopped Ye Chen.

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

In front of a few men, their talent information all appeared in the retina of leaf dust.

"You don't know me?"

Ye Chen naturally did not expect that he would be stopped when he came to Hefu.

Immediately he was relieved, thinking that these men should not have seen him, after all, the river house is so big, did not see him is really normal.

"Why should we know you?"

Several men's faces all showed a look of disdain, "are you famous?"

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